Luxury Breakfast at my parents home

Wow, today my parents invited me for breakfast and manage gift and suitcase for India.
The breakfast was amazing, it was a bit of simpler hotel breakfast. I can not complain at all. We had different sort of meat for sandwiches, vegetables, soured milk and yogurt, two types of bread. Lose weight jasmine tea and really nice talks.


Hopefully I have got more or less all the gifts I need, but who knows…. First I have to pack and make lists.


Veg dinner at a friend’s place


Today is a friend’s birthday and at 3ish I got to know she is having a veg dinner party. Well, how can I turn down her birthday celebration?

So today I am going to my friend’s place and later to the gym. I have to. I will take photo on the dinner and update the picture later. _MG_8824.JPG

A good place to eat meze with student wallet

The best thing I know is to find tasty food out which does not burn the wallet. For some days ago we went to Babel Deli, the place is perfect lunch or dinner. At lunch time there is major crowed and it is not a good idea go there at 12, either little earlier or later than normal lunch hour. A plate of Meze cost under 100 SEK, which means a student can eat there and feel good, without worries for the economy.



This is a meze plate with mutton, chicken, and much other tasty things. The food is really tasty and fast to get. However, the open hours are a bit limited, closing at 8 pm. They have to two places one on Kungstensgatan 33 (close on Sundays) and Långholmsgatan  27 (open on Sundays too). A place must to go for good food and price.



Last weeks have been a lot of going on even thow the same things have happened. In the end, I have not had the energy to write. Sometimes, the mind need a break.

Right now I am more than happy to inform that the exam is on the 13rd and the 15th I am finally leaving Sweden.
My bag is almost set but still I do not know what to bring with me for clubbing. There are three different dresses to choose from, two black and a red dress.

I think the red dress and one of the black dresses but I have no clue which one.

New year, new day and same me

I am so tired so tired. At 6:30 my sleep was gone and I could not sleep much more.

Happy new year.
I am glad 2015 is over and started the new year with good friends. My coworker gave me a drive to the party so I was not too late. Where we celebrated had a lot of fire work. A joke we made was how many fire works are legal.

New years eve!

Hello everyone!

Like many other I try to do a review of 2015 and that is not a simple task. The reason is, the question “what was so important or good/bad with 2015 poping up.

One thing which was good, was that last new year I was with my best friend in India. I got a good job which I like. Completed the thesis in finance. In my was a part of namaste Stockholm were I met really amazing people. Also, during spring semester I was a mentor for an exchange student (She was really great person who I miss a lot).

There have been some Indian funcation which my family and I attended. THe funcations have been really joyful with great preformances.

During the summer, I worked, visited Vingåker, the north and Skåne. More or less a lot of family time. A less great part was that I did not travel outside Sweden.

The berry season in the north was not that great at least for us. However, the north is a must to visit for me if I supose to get summer feeling.

The fall arrived and GMAT was not my favourite exam, however law went much better and I started to work once again.Winter has been all about college and work (does not even feel like we have had a winter)

Law… A lot of studies last semester…

Over all 2015 was not too bad or too good year, but at the same time I know 2016 will be much better. Somehow 2015 was a year to finish the important things. Sometimes there are tasks which are not fun but have to be done before something else can be started. My 2015 was a year to complete some tasks so I can start new thing in 2016. New and much better things!


If I am excited for 2016? YES. 2016 bring it on!

Monday I can not wait to meet you


Tomorrow is Monday and it is my weekend of from work! However, all my studies are there which I have to do. During the work it is hard to study due to calls to us. Even if I do not get any calls, my coworker get calls and speak load or so.
Therefore no studies while working but a lot of reading.