inside a jain temple during Diwali

inside a jain temple during Diwali

I did not know what to write about, and looked on my picture from this year in India.
This photo during Diwali and many other photos from Diwali are something I really like. During Diwali everything just light up and everywhere feel more welcoming with all the lights.
Jain temple are very decorative and beautiful.

Then we have finally started to get “home works”. For tomorrow I needed to read 2 articles for Emotional intelligence and leadership… The articles are very interesting. first one is about level 5 leadership the other one is about tipping point leadership. Seriously, this 2 articles must read, because they made me think and also inspiring.

5 level leadership:
tipping point leadership:

Kalibari Mandir

Kalibari Mandir

During my first day in the big city. My friend took me on the bus. My friend told me in the front of the bus is for laidies and back of the bus is for the men. Which is diffrernt from Pune local buss, the lady side is on the left side and right side is for the men.

Before we came to Connaught Place (CP), we went to a Mandir (temple). If I got it right, we visit Kalibari.
When we and everyone else entered the temple area, we needed to clean our hands and feet but also but a fabric on our head. (While in church the visit should show the head in God house).

Well, in this very beautiful temple we walked around, heard them reading form the book, went to a pool of water with allot of fishes. Again, if I got it right is for make a wish and it was possible to step down a little bit in the pool.

I could not take any photos inside the temple because cameras were not allowed. That is little sad, but it is just accept it.

A other temple at home


This is a other small temple which aba and adji have.
Every morning aba (grandfather) prays and change the flowers.
I do not know which all the Gods they have. but it is a small and nice temple.
After we made sweets adji gave/show the sweets to the Gods. I did not really understand why. But when we make some special sweets for a God we need to show/give the sweets to the God before we can eat them. So, if I made some Christmas sweets I would need to give/show the sweets to Jesus. That would be a little bit wired for me

Temple at home

Temple at home

This is a small temple at home. The temple is in the kitchen.
They keep the light on always, beside when the lights goes.
It is the mom in the house how writhe the text with a powder. I have tried to writhe A, B, C, D etc. But it was not easy. (was happy if it was possible to the which letter it was).
Every Indian family has a temple, some has a whole room while other has in smaller scale.

Temple with gold

Temple with gold

This is a trample near Swargate.
This is a temple for Jainism. It is little bit different form Hinduism. I would rather say Jain temples are much more decorated then other.

Jainism is a old region and have around 4,2 million followers. They aim of life is to achieve liberation of the soul. The way to achieve the goal is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation.

I have been leaving with a Jain family, I can not say there was any big different between that family and a Hindu family. Both believes in karma, form my point of view had more then one god. They have temples, also small temples in the houses. Biggest different was the food habits. Jain family was pure vegetarian, while the Hindu family had chicken twice in the month. Fore sure they did celibate little different festivals, but both celebrated the main festivals.

To read about Jainism I recommend: Very interesting to read about, but if I would write about Jainism I think it will be a essay.

The rat temple in the north

The rat temple in the north

I have been in India and it was incredible time. India has some many “have to visit”.
During that time I traveled for 2,5 months.
I am planing to show some of my earlier experiences in India in this blog. The reason is, this time in India I will mostly just write about my college, but I also want to write a little bit what India has and my earlier experiences. The incredible India.

One of the interested temples I ever visit was a rat temple in the north of India. Where the temple is located is a big question mark for me. Seriously the rat temple is a most.

The temple had rates everywhere and they where playing around with each other.
Best thing was the rates never came near us, we had a distance. But before enter a temple people needed to remove our shoes, and when we were walking on the a sticky temple floor.
In the temple the rats got milk, food and people were prying to the rates.
On this photo there are some rat eating sweets and people praying.

Our guide told us the rats in the temple do not leave the temple. Never ever leave the temple, can you believe that?