The rat temple in the north

The rat temple in the north

I have been in India and it was incredible time. India has some many “have to visit”.
During that time I traveled for 2,5 months.
I am planing to show some of my earlier experiences in India in this blog. The reason is, this time in India I will mostly just write about my college, but I also want to write a little bit what India has and my earlier experiences. The incredible India.

One of the interested temples I ever visit was a rat temple in the north of India. Where the temple is located is a big question mark for me. Seriously the rat temple is a most.

The temple had rates everywhere and they where playing around with each other.
Best thing was the rates never came near us, we had a distance. But before enter a temple people needed to remove our shoes, and when we were walking on the a sticky temple floor.
In the temple the rats got milk, food and people were prying to the rates.
On this photo there are some rat eating sweets and people praying.

Our guide told us the rats in the temple do not leave the temple. Never ever leave the temple, can you believe that?