Wool for winter time

Winter is here but where is the snow?


Even if we have not got any snow and the temprature is not below zero right now. The coldness is there and I am one of those who wear hat, cloves, scarf and a thick winter jacket, becasue feeling cold is one of the worst things I know. That can axplain why I have a lot of wool sweaters…

Anyways, this sweater is used a lot right now and works really good with jeans. The sbrand is Peak perforamnce and is very worm! So there is no worries to feel cold.

Time to get ready for PS4 night at my friends place.

What a night!

Okay, I knew my sleep would be very less, but not this much lack of sleep.

At 4:30 am my body was ready to have breakfast, even though at the nigh I had milk and eggs… My stomach was screaming for breakfast at the same time my mind was not ready to get up from the cozy bed. But, from 5:30 am my stomach was screaming even heavier like an idiot and did not give me any rest. Therefore, the only option I had was to get up and eat breakfast.


On the other side, while having breakfast and this breakfast was a long before college started provided me the oppertunity to watch a Bollywood movie. To watch a bollywood movie in the morning is a luxury.

The movie was Gajinhi, it was sometime ago I watch the movie, and also may be the movie is not really morning movie, but which movie is a morning movie? In the end, I really like Aamir Khan as an actor and the movie is good overall, but in the songs Aamir look really ridiculous.

the pic is taken from google.

what a morning

good morning! I wish you had much better morning than me. Because I manage to apply makeup, everything beside mascara! How is it possible? I got lipstick with me but forgot mascara. Right now I am feeling a bit stupid. Anyways have this happens to you too? _MG_9196

Somthing old

Almost everyday my hair is in a ponnytail. It is the easiest way to keep the hair away from the face.



However, yesterday function I felt for something else. Not an other day with ponnytail or hair hanging free. For me, to let the hair hanging free without anything in the hair is a big no no. While digging in my boxes with hairpins and all there were two hairpins which I remember from my childhood. They are sparkle a bit matching with my dress. So, why not to use them? I would never use this sparkle pins in normal situations, everyday lif but yesterday was a function therefore more proper to have sparkles.

So, in the end, sometimes it is good to keep old things because you never know when them might be useful again.

Super cream for super hands

One of the most important parts with a good hand cream is the sense. Crabtree & Evelyn has this amazing cream with sense of pomegranate.

While working in fast food there is a most to always apply hand cream during a awake time. But, for almost a year I have not been in fast food, but got some super hand cream.
The best part is, this cream has been lying in a cold place (ie. refrigerator) and has not turn bad or the sense has change or anything. Which mean, the cream is perfect to use now when the cold has arrived. My hands get super easily cold and dry. So, this one has to be in my bag for the next months.

Friday evening cuddle

Yesterday was a long day with limited amount of sleep. We manage to arrange a comfortable evening at my parents house. The whole family was at home and made homemade pizza. _MG_9336

The pizza dough was already bought, so we skiped by making our own dough. But we did the topping is after our taste. The pizza had wildmeat on one side with mozzarella, tomatoes and on the other side clams, mushrooms and mozzarella. THe waiting time was only 15 munites and the pizza was flooded with water from the mozzarella and the tomatoes. However, the pizza turn out amazing!


The pizza was so good!

Now the summer has arrived

My family has this tradition of buying Mangos when the Asian food stores have got the boxes with mangos. We do not buy the Brazilians mangos because they do not taste at all anything. Therefore the mongos from the Asian food store such a Taj Mahal import mangos from Pakistan. The pakistanian mongos are not like the mangos as in India, but, much better then the food stores mangos. So, when ever the store get mangos they give us a miss call so we now today the mangos have arrived.

Also, when we having the mangos I know, it is summer. Even when the weather is horrible, I can sit inside and eat one or two mangos without any problems. Just enjoying the taste and dreaming away to India where I had my first really really fresh mangos and papaya.


just came home


Well, what a day, not because I have done a lot, I have had a holiday from the gym because I feel that my legs need a break and rest.
But, instead I have tried to organize all my new clothes from U.S. and that is not a easy task in a studio apartment with limited space. So, instead of trying to get everything in place now, I have to preparing for the night. I can not try to organize everything now, there are too many tops and belts… I will show you later what I have got. So many pretty things.
Tomorrow I am meeting my utis to go to smaka på Stockholm.
Good night. More updates tomorrow.

A new book


I have started to read a new book. This time I am in India and trying to understand more about Hinduism.
Even if I have lived in India for two years and been a part of many festivals to celebrate many different gods. However, I have never really understand Hinduism and all the gods. One minutes Vishnu is created b Brahman and next time Vishnu nurture Braham.
In my case I try to understand but, the myths are kind of complicated because all gods are connected somehow with each other. I do not think many Hindus knows a lot about they gods in same why many Christians do not know a lot from the bible or all the festival celebrations reasons.
However, my plan is to read this book to get a little better idea about Hinduism, but still everything very confusing for me.