Once again the kick came

It was so interesting to find myself sitting with pencils and listing to Spotify music. I was in this mood of sketching and relaxing while listing to music. I have not had this mood for sometime but yesterday evening I was in the mood and it felt really good.

While listening to Bollywood music and search for some inspirational pictures on Google when I came up with the idea of Mughal paintings. The details in the Mughal paintings are amazing  and fascinating for me. So it ended up I was trying to do Mughal inspiring drawing. 6f7b620f-1d53-4034-8d59-c21d5408dabc

The background will be all decorated too, with greenery and decorations.


Tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow is my final day in college, hopefully. If the two exams in statistics goes well I am done with my BBA. FINALY.

The biggest fear is that I know the answer but answer wrong. Simple small mistakes but can make me fail bif time.
Anyways last day in college.



Redfrom Lakme

Color to a black top.


Today is new year and today I have to work to 10 pm but that does not stop me to get ready and dressed up for new year. I skiped the black nail polish and instead uing a red one.

Let see how the evening is going to be a the office. Will we get many or few calls? Let see. Hopefully few calls so I can apply make up and all party ready.


Light a kindle in teh darkness

In the morning my flat was cold and horrible. My whole body was ice cold.


Thank god for good kindle. Some heat and sense. Right now I am into incense and sense kindles. The apartment becomes much more cozy homely and nicer to be in. The brand is Voluspa, the brand is one of the best brands in sense kandles, because there is sense also when the kindle is lighted.
While studying and having kindle light are a perfect combo.

Saturday night

I am not a party girl instead of going out to a clubs I love staying at home. Normally during the weekends I have to get the energy for next week. It feels like I don’t have free free time. There is always something which is waiting on me. If I haven’t had time during the week I do all the musts now. _MG_9395