Now the summer has arrived

My family has this tradition of buying Mangos when the Asian food stores have got the boxes with mangos. We do not buy the Brazilians mangos because they do not taste at all anything. Therefore the mongos from the Asian food store such a Taj Mahal import mangos from Pakistan. The pakistanian mongos are not like the mangos as in India, but, much better then the food stores mangos. So, when ever the store get mangos they give us a miss call so we now today the mangos have arrived.

Also, when we having the mangos I know, it is summer. Even when the weather is horrible, I can sit inside and eat one or two mangos without any problems. Just enjoying the taste and dreaming away to India where I had my first really really fresh mangos and papaya.


just came home


Well, what a day, not because I have done a lot, I have had a holiday from the gym because I feel that my legs need a break and rest.
But, instead I have tried to organize all my new clothes from U.S. and that is not a easy task in a studio apartment with limited space. So, instead of trying to get everything in place now, I have to preparing for the night. I can not try to organize everything now, there are too many tops and belts… I will show you later what I have got. So many pretty things.
Tomorrow I am meeting my utis to go to smaka på Stockholm.
Good night. More updates tomorrow.

A new book


I have started to read a new book. This time I am in India and trying to understand more about Hinduism.
Even if I have lived in India for two years and been a part of many festivals to celebrate many different gods. However, I have never really understand Hinduism and all the gods. One minutes Vishnu is created b Brahman and next time Vishnu nurture Braham.
In my case I try to understand but, the myths are kind of complicated because all gods are connected somehow with each other. I do not think many Hindus knows a lot about they gods in same why many Christians do not know a lot from the bible or all the festival celebrations reasons.
However, my plan is to read this book to get a little better idea about Hinduism, but still everything very confusing for me.

Dosa at home

Today, after a walk in the city I decided to make a batch of Dosa. Dosa is one of my favorite dishes in India. The problem is no Indian resutrants in Sweden serve Dosa only too many different masala and gravy. More of the North Indian dishes but no Dosa or Poha.


Sometimes it is the journey

Old photo, very old one from 2010. We were traveling somewhere in India. For the first and the last time I have ever travel in a train without AC. The reason was, the journey was short some hours only and we were suppose to feel the wind. A problem was, the train was super warm, the wind was not cold and we were tried.
Somehow we enjoyed the train. We ate, spoke and just laugh a lot. But, I do not miss the train rides in India. India is a too big country to take the train.
Would I recommend anyone to take the train alone? May be if the person enjoy to speak with strangers. Alone and girl? No, not for many years. On the other side, people should travel alone because the travel meet so many new people during a journey. Also, hear incredible life stories and surprises.


In the mail

With my specialization in finance and thought I should really understand more about the market. Not because I know I want to work with the stock market or anything like that. It is more because curiosity to read about more beside our literature. To read about real advice and only the theory about modern market portfolio, beta and CAPM. To be able to balance the theoretical with the reality. Therefore I made a decision to join unga aktiesparana, youth stock market savers (direct translation so my bad if the name turns out totally wrong). It is an organization for young investors and the organization provide trips, discounts on books and investments programs, classes and much more.
Hopefully, this will provide more knowledge for me. No harm in testing, not with this sort of things and organization. Best to try and see! At least I am happy because this organization has direct link to my education.
Right now I have to study for an exam in my… FUN!

A Germen easter bunny

My very first Easter bunny from Germany. Not bad at all, I would say. Normally I do not keep any form of chocolate at home. Chocolate is forbidden. The reason is, I can finish a 200 gram chocolate within 30 minutes. My weakest spot is for chocolate. However, this time I made an excuse. I have had this bunny for a evening, and I can feel the eyes staring on me and say eat me, eat me. But, no, I will not eat the chocolate right now. I can wait till tomorrow to eat it or hide the bunny somewhere in the kitchen.
I got this chocolate bunny from my utis, Utis is a student from on other university who is doing a semester exchange and my utis is from Germany. So, when she came back from the Easter holiday she had the bunny with her for me. It is so sweet of her, to think about me when she was with her family.


Thank god the bunny is made of 60 gram chocolate and not 200 gram!
Also, I think Milka is in India too, but with a much sweeter chocolate.