Sunday than a weekend

I need coffee soooo badly. Coffe to stay awake, to wake me up even thow I got enough of sleep…


Can anything be better than espresso? A really one and forget all this nespresso and stuff like that! A real espresso would fit me very good right now!


More work

One thing is for sure, today I got enough sleep. From 8:30 to 5:10.


Yesterday was so calm day at the work it felt wired to earn 200 % extra onl because it is weekend holiday ie, long weekend and red day. But, I should not complain. Today is an other day with 200 % extra, but I think more peope are going to call. However, I have my harry potter book which never end…. There are other books which I wish to read instead of Harry potter but Harry Potter has been with for 8 years and it is finally now I have started to read the book.


I can not take a day off

This is not fun at all. If I could I would have cancel today’s meeting but due to how important the meeting is I can not. On top of that in the evening is my second day of work.


Omg, what a night… I am sick and have no energy at all. I have to stuff myself with tablets and keep fingers cross everything will end well. Honestly I wish I could stay in bed and forget about everything, but I can not. I have to do attend the meeting and work. The thing is, I can not lose the income for 5 hours work.

I have reach my limited with work out at the gym. Today is already a long day for a sick person like me therefore after weeks of every day work out at the gym. I have decided to skip the gym for only today. My body has no energy and I do not even know what sort of food I can eat!

Late night 2.0

So, this is my second late night and not the last one.


It is hard to work odd hours. Finish work at 10 pm and than travel home and reach around 11 pm. You know what that mean? Hunger, hunger and more hunger. I do not really like to eat at this hour but, to sleep and be hungry is even worst. Therefore I am watching Frozen and having some eggs and warm milk. Tomorrow is going to be even later night, because after the work I have to go to the gym.