Chocolate muffins and Arabic music

Sunday at my parents house has started kind of good. First with some studies (so boring). While studying I started to feel cold and what is the best way to get warm? To bake and use the oven. So, the only option was to start baking muffins.
– 100 g butter, – 1,5 dl sugar
– 1 teaspoon of baking powder
– 3 tabelspoon of cacao powder
– 80 g chocolate
– 2 eggs
– 2,5 DL wheatflour
– 1 DL milk

_MG_9202mix butter, sugar till it become fluffy. Add baking powder, cacao powder and one egg after each other and mix more. Add all the rest of the ingredients. The oven temprature should be 175 degrees and the muffins have to be in the oven for 30 min at least.
Simple and tasty. While baking I started to listen to the Arabic songs I have been dancing to. I do not know why, but while mixing the ingredients my hips started to move to the music. It is impossible to not to dance to this songs. The songs are really good and for sure, gives me a big smile on my lips.



Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.


Finally I got my certificate from Folkuniversitet. Earlier I never understood the point of saving certificates, but now nowadays I have change the point of view.
The reason is I might need to show my certificate to future class, work or anything.
So I am pleased to get a certificate for Arabic.

Arabic and paper


The plan for today is not decided. More right to say is Arabic class and afternoon is not final yet. Probably studies and some sort of baking. My plan is to make nuts and dry fruits bread.Also,Before the Arabic I have to try to start to write a PM for the research paper.
I hope you will get some more rest then me.

Finally home

Every Friday after salary means that everyone has decided to drink and be rude. On the other side, there are customer who are more busy with the phone then to listen on the worker. Sometimes I have tried to repeat the orders and they too occupied with something on the phone and do not listen. They are in a other world, unreachable. That is very rude and to not show any respect toward us worker. How hard can it be to put aside a phone for 1 minute and get the whole order right. While sometimes when they do not listen the order can get wrong and everything take much longer time.
Also, there are some customers which say give me this, instead of I would like to have or can I get. But this give me, dose insult me and rude. Somehow it make me feel that I am a slave. Or can a reason be because of customers are customers and we worker have no right to correct them. Due to customers have always right, but seriously they do not, but we workers have to correct our behavior to the customers.
The customers do not appreciate us worker, but if the customer has been in our feet the person knows how our situation can be.

Right now my tea cup is next to me and my tension is sipping away. Tomorrow is a long day, Arabic class and work. Also studies. Long, long day.

This tea taste really good!

This is so me

Today after Arabic class and some grocery. My mind was all about food and studies.
There for my mind did not work.
In sometime I when I came back home I fond this note.

“Hey, your key was in the door and are with us”.
Well, this shows how kind and good the people are in the building. Also, this has happened before, but then I have realized before someone put a note on the door.

what i want

I would love to go to a language cafe during the week. A place where I can practice Arabic with other people. To be able to speak with someone else beginner or someone how know the language.
I would love that. To be able to speak and practice more.
Right now, there are not many of my friends speaking Arabic.

Anyone how know a language cafe?