Dinner at home

The new homework is to take 3-5 photos and present “my Stockholm”, but what is my Stockholm. I do not know, yet. Also, I can not say I want to go out to take photos due to the weather.
But what is Stockholm for me?

  • Espresso house
  • My family
  • K25
  • Green
  • Rain
  • Friends
  • My apartment
  • Few people
  • Studies

We are not allowed to take photos on the city hall, because we have seen photos on the City hall too many times.

Yesterday, I met up a friend and we took a walk to Slussen and then headed home to cook and bake.

For dinner we made dumplings (yea, I am very weak for dumplings) then we made rhubarb pie. The rhubarbs for this year are incredible.


I know, the color is not right on the photo, but I can not really change.. But the dough is easy to make.

  •  2 dl floor
  • 100 g of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of suggar

Mix everything with your fingers and then spread the dough over the rhubarbs, appels or anything form of fruits. The oven tempratur is 225 degreese and let the pie be in the oven for 30 mintues.

Chocolate balls


A café in Sweden has to have chocolate balls to be able to call them a café. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, at the café I am working at, whenever we get time and has the ingrediance we bake. We bake, chocolate balls, muffins, small cookies and much more. Anything which works well with a cup of coffee. Chocolate balls are so easy to make and take no time. Also, everyone knows how chocolate balls taste like therefore they are safe card.
Therefore, when we bake chocolate balls, we use a whole packaged of oat (1,5 kg) and may be 20 balls…. As you can hear, our chocolate balls are huge.

Never thought I would complete everything

So my friend to with her a dessert which she made at home. We do not really know where it is from, but who cares when the dessert taste amazing.


I asked what she had added in the class, it was with whip cream, Turkish yogurt, berries (strawberries), mango and on top small chocolate chips. Then it was on layers, one layer with something white and then colorful and then white and so on.
When I saw the glass first I thought I can not finish the whole glass, but I did. The reason was very simple, it was amazing. But what is the name on the dessert? I do not know.


With the dessert we drank coffee from South America and talked a lot, I mean a lot. She is such a sweetheart and I am going to miss her too. Why is everyone leaving Sweden? I do not like it at all….

Preparing for next friday

Next Friday is midsummer and my friend and I are going to Skansen to celebrate midsummer. I have not celebrated midsummer for the last 4 years due to trips, work and so on. But, this year I have, my friend from Germany really want me to show her a typical midsummer in Sweden. So, the perfect place is Skansen.

For lunch we are going to have picnic at Skansen and I have bought juice from Smaka på Stockholm. The red one is with chili, cranberry and pomegranate. while the yellow one is made of chili, lime and ginger. My friend and I tough the juices tasted good and the juices burns a little bit to be more like the burning feeling from alcohol.
So let us hope this midsummer will have good weather!

Home made pie


Yesterday I made finally a pie with our fresh rhubarbs. Most likely the pie is made of 4 huge rhubarbs. The recipe is extremely simple and takes maybe only 40 minutes to make. The filling can be with any sort of berries or fruits the only thing which need to be added with the fruits/berries is sugar.


  • 2 dl of flour
  • 100 gram of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

Mix everything in a bowl with the fingers and put in the refrigerator while preparing the fillings in a buttery tin. Then when the filling done just add the dough and put the tin in the oven for 30 minutes in 225 degrees.

Then the pie look like this, and I needed to make the make a extra batch with half of every ingrediance to be able to cover the rhubarbs.


This is insane

I have not seen our rhubarbs this big before. They are huge.
So, today I am making a rhubarb pie with our own fresh rhubarbs. How can I not bake a rhubarb pie?
Like, most likely I won’t eat it, but I do love baking.


I am over 170 cm tall so you might understand how long the rhubarbs are. also, I have to point out, I am in gym clothes and normally I do not wear over size t-shirts besides in the gym.


Wow, I am very tired after a week with non-stop activities. With too less sleep and a lot of socialization, extremely much. However, the week has been amazing. I have enjoyed it a lot. I do not really think I have enjoyed this much since my holiday in India. As, you can hear, this was badly needed.
However, today is Friday and that means, a lot of home studies for the upcoming final presentation for our thesis. The thing is our paper and the other groups’ paper are around +50 pages each which are killing my energy. The thing is, I do not know if I would manage to read 25 pages in one thesis, it is not because I am lazy. The reason is the thesis is too much of focus and eating my energy, so in the end I feel I have to sleep. However, I am using this great product which read everything from my computer. I am using a lot and that product making my life easier at least.
Also, I can use the speed, English or Swedish and skip the paragraphs. A great product and then I am the worst user of product which can help me with my studies.