Lunch at home


Today is an other day for pure veg food. Somehow what I really like with veg food is it feels fresh and not too heavy for the stomach. But on the other side, meat taste so much better sometimes. I have used my own cooked kidney beans.
The thing with home made cooked beans are much cheaper than the beans from the food stores. Also, I now that the beans have only been in water and nothing else.

I love this thing to have a lot of already prepared food so I can only heat it up and add some fresh vegatables too. Well, now I have to get ready and meet up my mom.

Kidney beans

Well, I have to confess sometimes I am the worlds horrible person in the kitchen. Now and then I forget I am cooking food and then I feel a smell of burn food. Also, when I feel the smell I do not realize the smell comes from my kitchen. Instead, I think the smell is from someone else flat. That is just who I am.
So, this happened for some days ago while cooking the kidney beans in the presser cooker. I added some vegetables and spices. Beside the burn food the food did tasted good. But a horrible work to clean the put.



For some days ago when my job finished at 8 pm and my body still had energy for long walk and dinner with my family.
We met up at K25, K25 is on Kungsgatan 25, pretty easy to remember. This place has many different restaurants, it is like a food court, but the place feel much more fresh then typical food courts.

So, I got finally dumplings or Momos after a long time! Steamed momos with chicken and some sort of green beans.
The beans were not that great, they were to big and hard. But the momos were amazing!

When it is bad food in the mess.. We do what?

Today we had such a wired dinner menu in the mess.
Dosa, Utapa and chapati, with chutney.
When I reach my room. The first thing I asked my roommate was: Will you order food? Because the food in the mess is really bad today. Of course my roommate was going to order food.

I think I might have one of the best roommates ever. One of the reason is, I am really bad to order anything from internet. So, it ends up, she order our orders on Internet and I just pay her. After a hour, we get a phone call and go down to the get to collect our food. It is very easy way to buy food from restaruants. But, I have huge problems to do it.
What would I have done with my roommate?

We ordered from Marrakesh 45, in Viman Nagar. Good food for sure.
My order was, lamb with herbs, something with beans and a tandoori roti. I finished everything by myself.