Somthing old

Almost everyday my hair is in a ponnytail. It is the easiest way to keep the hair away from the face.



However, yesterday function I felt for something else. Not an other day with ponnytail or hair hanging free. For me, to let the hair hanging free without anything in the hair is a big no no. While digging in my boxes with hairpins and all there were two hairpins which I remember from my childhood. They are sparkle a bit matching with my dress. So, why not to use them? I would never use this sparkle pins in normal situations, everyday lif but yesterday was a function therefore more proper to have sparkles.

So, in the end, sometimes it is good to keep old things because you never know when them might be useful again.

Beautiful sky

Beautiful sky

Well, some days ago when I was at home to take some books with me to my apartment, I saw this beautiful sky.
Well, What else to do then take a photo. First, I was scared the photo would not show how amazing the colors were mixed. But, hey, there was no problem at all.
Maybe sunset and sunrise can be the most beautiful moments we can see, no matter were we are.

A beautiful day

When I was walking in the morning to the gym. I saw the sun and the green trees and thought what a beautiful day it is. The wind was little bit colder then the air, still it was not horrible hot. Next moment I thought, I will miss this and for sure I will miss India.

In the gym was lower body, after 2 weeks. Last Saturday was my really bad sick day.
Wow, I felt the difference with the leg press, I do not want more breaks or sick days. No more.