I did not forget this morning

Yes, today while applying makup I thought to myself, I should not forget mascara, I should not forget mascara.
Sometimes, I need to remember things in my mind so I do not forget. Also while having breakfast I thought I have to prepare my lunch box, the lunch box and wola, I got the lunchbox too with dal.


Anyways, I have recently started to use Body shops mascara. What is good with the mascara is length, the eyelashes are darker and longer. But, the major but is the mascar is not waterprof. Which mean, if it rains or by  tears the mascara is gone from my eyelashes and is instead on cheeks which is not that beautiful look.

So, next time I have to buy a mascara I won’t buy it from body shop, but this was a Christmas gift from last year Advent calender.

I should use this one too

For some days ago my mom gifted me this one. I do not know the name of the thing. However, wmoen wear this one with the saree often during functions. As we all know, my mom does not wear saree but got it becasue it is beauy for the eyes and may be possible to wear in Sweden.


Anyway, I got this one and I thought, why not wear this thing with suit pants and a black top?. Would that not look good? skip the necklace and only use this and some simple golden ear rings?


Somthing old

Almost everyday my hair is in a ponnytail. It is the easiest way to keep the hair away from the face.



However, yesterday function I felt for something else. Not an other day with ponnytail or hair hanging free. For me, to let the hair hanging free without anything in the hair is a big no no. While digging in my boxes with hairpins and all there were two hairpins which I remember from my childhood. They are sparkle a bit matching with my dress. So, why not to use them? I would never use this sparkle pins in normal situations, everyday lif but yesterday was a function therefore more proper to have sparkles.

So, in the end, sometimes it is good to keep old things because you never know when them might be useful again.

Super cream for super hands

One of the most important parts with a good hand cream is the sense. Crabtree & Evelyn has this amazing cream with sense of pomegranate.

While working in fast food there is a most to always apply hand cream during a awake time. But, for almost a year I have not been in fast food, but got some super hand cream.
The best part is, this cream has been lying in a cold place (ie. refrigerator) and has not turn bad or the sense has change or anything. Which mean, the cream is perfect to use now when the cold has arrived. My hands get super easily cold and dry. So, this one has to be in my bag for the next months.

Two good products

Wow, I can not believe we are soon in half way in June, how can the time pass by so fast? I do not know. Well, the time is passing by extremely fast.

I would say I am that sort of person who like to take care of my skin when I have time. For example, when ever the sun is up and when I remember myself I apply sun cream on my face, 50 +, in Sweden. The sun is maybe not that strong here in Sweden to compare with other countries, but, the sun is a sun and we need to protect our skin.

Then there is a brand which I love “Forest Essentials”, the products for shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are really good. In my case, I can not use all type of shampoos, but this brand I can. My hair does get damage or too dry and the shampoo can easily remove coconut oil.

Hair, hair and hair

I wish I was better to take care of my hair. Just the little extra. To have the energy to apply good hair condition. The thing is, my hair get really fast dry and horrible. Sometimes it happens my hair get some coconut, but not enough.
However, yesterday my hairdresser complain that I really need to take care of my hair better. Well, I guess it is time to change my bad habit and be better to take care of my hair. How hard can it be?
So, next appointment I have do buy a product for dry hair. But till then, I will try to use this conditioner. I found it in my bathroom behind all my lotions. I do not know how good the product is, but what do I have to lose? Nothing really…
Also, I have figure out my scalp is a bit dry too. Therefore I can not use the normal shampoos and instead I have started to use ACO shampoo for dry scalp and also bought a cream to massage in after shower. I can tell you this, ACO products are working for me. I can use them and afterwords my hair and scalp feels good.
However, I have to be better to take care of my hair… Sight… so much to take care of nowadays, easier when I was younger, hahaha.


Oil over the night

Last night my hair needed oil before today shower.
To point out the coconut make the hair soft and smooth. Also, normal oil, hair oil and some of the Heinz souses are good for the hair. The reason I know about of Heinz dressing are good is due to a friend use it.
However, I prefer coconut oil is due India habits but also the sens is better then anything else.
What I do is apply oil the night before, and put a towel over the pillow so the pillow does not get spoiled.