What a night!

Okay, I knew my sleep would be very less, but not this much lack of sleep.

At 4:30 am my body was ready to have breakfast, even though at the nigh I had milk and eggs… My stomach was screaming for breakfast at the same time my mind was not ready to get up from the cozy bed. But, from 5:30 am my stomach was screaming even heavier like an idiot and did not give me any rest. Therefore, the only option I had was to get up and eat breakfast.


On the other side, while having breakfast and this breakfast was a long before college started provided me the oppertunity to watch a Bollywood movie. To watch a bollywood movie in the morning is a luxury.

The movie was Gajinhi, it was sometime ago I watch the movie, and also may be the movie is not really morning movie, but which movie is a morning movie? In the end, I really like Aamir Khan as an actor and the movie is good overall, but in the songs Aamir look really ridiculous.

the pic is taken from google.

Dreaming away

In the evening i started to walk around Stockholm, but I could not manage more than 1 hours of walk. So, instead I went home and now I am watching one of the better Bollywood movies I know. The movie is pure girl movie and very easy going and a lot of bollywood.

Well, while wathcing this movie it makes me miss India like crazy. I miss India more and more, I should soon visit India again.


Now I have met Sir!

Well, yesterday as you know I went for the movie Mary Kom. I must say I loved it!
First, I thought this is not very much of a Bollywood movie, because of the lack of songs and dance. How wrong could I be? The movie is still very Bollywoodish. They have conected Mary Kom fight or knock out with her babies hard operation and how both of them a loosing. But when the baby get back the heart beat, Mary Kom get back her strength and do an awesome match. In that way, this movie is very Bollywoodish. When the hero is falling and everything looking dark, in a second everything turns out the opposite.
Well, yesterday evening was little bit stressful and due to the limited of time, we could not make a interview. But, but at least I had a short chat with sir! Happy me. On top of that, I got a photo with sir.

IMG_7764 - Copy

After the movie, we were invited for dinner with India’s ambassador. At the dinner I met people in the movie business, library and also theater. I would say a nice mixed of people. With song performances and lovely food.

Today is the big day

Since the morning I have had a crazy feeling, almost the same feeling as I have before a paper. Lack of concentration, ants in my pants, hard to sit still, all this and a mind which can not concentrate that good. Well, all this because of this evenings function.
I am going to meet the director of Mary Kom, and interview sir. How big is this not? I think I have never done anything like this before. This is huge!
Also, in my eyes Bollywood is bigger then Hollywood. You might wonder why, because India produce doubt amount of movies then Hollywood. I might have to confess, some of my favorite actors are in Bollywood.
However, for this event I have an idea of what sort of clothes to ware, but still I am rethinking and wondering do I have an other top or dress to wear. The invitation letter says informal, in what amount, because this event is organized by the ambassador of India. Which mean at least, properer dress


The photo is from the holi celebration.

Before the evening’s function I have to study. More right, find the price on stocks, this process takes a lot, a lot of time. 5-6 hours for an event with 21 companies….

A gift which is too good

So, for some days ago I met aunty and we spoke about upcoming events in Stockholm.
Well, before I left, aunty gave me a gift. A Bollywood movie! I am very weak for bollywood movies, with the stories and the song with dance. Back to the gift, aunty said this is a very good one and a good part is, I have not watch the movie before.

Hopefully, I will enjoy the movie. Most likely I will watch the movie in some days. Isn’t aunty too sweet?

Mary Kom movie

I am so excited to go and watch the movie on 14th of April. The movie is about a women from the northeast of India directed by Omung Kumar. The movie is based on Mary Kom a five times winner of world cop championship. Well, the most incredible is I am going to meet Mr. Kumar and interview him. I can not believe I am going to meet a Bollywood director Omung Kumar!

Theatrical release poster depicts a boxer, looking sightly angry, standing. The boxing ring and audience are in the background. Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the title, tagline, production credits and release date.

Bollywood movies in Stockholm

Yesterday was great, I got to know in May, SF at Stureplan is going to show Bollywood movies (can it be any better news?!). One of the movies trailer looked great, or at least funny, the name of the movie is “Finding Fanny”. The movie is made in Goa.  An other movie is “Margaritha with a straw”, I think the movie is good, but nothing for me.
I had no idea SF will show Bollywood movies in May during a week of many activities of Indian culture in Stockholm.
Take a look http://indiaunlimited.se/namaste.

I promise you I will try to go on some of the activities in May!


work and work

Today is a long day, first of all university and at 4-10 PM work. Probably I will get home at 10:30-11 PM.
Well, I have to start practices in finance after this class, but probably I get time during the weekend.

Old photo from my college. We do not have snow yet.
In the morning I have been listen on Bollywood love songs from 2010 till now and I it get me in a peaceful mood. Just perfect amount of Bollywood and on the right music level, can not be wrong. Time to pack my bag with work clothes and notebooks. Time to get ready!