Pure and Simple, is what I like

I am this big sucker for cooking books. My bookshelf contain most of textbooks from 3 years of business studies and than with all the cooking and baking books.


The bookshelf has too many books, but I love them all. Some of my cooking books are from Sweden other are from India and Canada, also Germany. The biggest must for my cooking books are they have to have photos on almost all the reciepes. So, there are photos to compare the dish from the book with my dish. Major reason is to get inspiration from the book and to get the feeling I want to try to do this dish. However, normally I do not have all the ingredients so it always ends up with I skip this ingredient and use this one instead. Most of the time the dish turn out good.


What I have faced with Indian cooking books, they requring a lot of ingredients and not in big quantityeither, all the spices for ecample, 1/2 teaspoon, or 1 teaspoon of this and that. So when I got this book Pure and simple, my joy was was extrem. The recipes are simple, does not ask for 10-15 different ingredients and in the back of the book shows step by step how to make Paneer, gravy and much more. A very good book for a pure beginner. The only thing I have to comment is the book has only veg recipes, if it good or bad. I do not know, but most of the dishes are veg.


Good help

I am not lazy about reading books. I love to read but there is a mjaor difference between readying for fun and reading for studies.

The reading part for studies are much more heavy. I have almost no energy to start to read and when I am reading I can only read very few pages. So, I am really thankful to have e-books, to be able to follow in the book and hear someone else read. While on my spare time I do not have any e-books.
The thing is in my own oppinion to use a e-book is somehow easier and less effert and I want to be able to say I read this book instead of I isten on this book. In the end, I should listen on books, but it make me feel lazy and why should I not read like many other?


Two cooking books

I have a shelf with many different cooking books. I am happy over my cooking books collection. A reason is I have books about Indian, German, Salads, sweets, baking, Christmas food/baking and Jamie Oliver, also my grandmothers old cooking books. So what is there to not to like? I have no Idea. Well, may be I should get a book about South America?
However, I have two favorite books, one of them is “vår kokbok” that book has EVERYTHING inside. From how to fried a egg to creating advantage dishes with meat. Life saver and every house should have a basic cooking book.

The other books is from Canada. A family member recommended to get the book. A reason is the book has many basic recipes with a twist. The dishes are not that hard to follow, besides everything is in cups and some of the recipes need a grill or oven. But, I love the book it is fresh and has good tasty recipes.
The women behind the book have a website, janetandgreta.

By the way, the looneyspoons collection has a very American cover.

Been away for too many days

Well, I have nothing to say besides I am busy. Very busy nowadays. I have no idea how to mange everything, well I have an idea. Also, I am not that sure if my plan is great.
However, right now I am writing some part on our paper and I think the topic is very interesting. Before I thought this is wired subject financial behavior and i did not have much knowledge about it. However, after some articles and books I think this is interesting, very interesting and fun. On the other side, the book I wish to buy, is too expensive 800 kr for a American book. Which is not too much money, when our normal litterateur goes around 500 kr.
The book tittle is Investment behavior, the psychology of financial investment. The book write about traditional models and behavior models with a lot of example and explain in a good way without too many hard academical words.

Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

Very happy


Well, What shall I say? The left book on the photo is about consumer theory culture. From identity, brands, symbols and much more. That book is perfect for the paper. To get basic thories to build up our paper. Of course we need more information, books and so on.
While the other book “Fashion brands” was more of a question mark for me. I was not sure if the book would be to any help or not. Right now when I looked at the contents, my feeling is the book is not right for the paper. However the subject sound extremely interesting!
So, in the end. this 2 books are good bought. Also, the books are traveling with me to India.

In my eyes, if we need a specific book to be able to write the paper. Everyone in the group should have the book. It does not matter if the book is from the libary or from a store. Everyone should have the book, to be able to write in every section and not pending on one person in the group.
The book cost 270 SEK, which is 3 dinners out, but it is better to write a good paper instead of dinner out. That is at least how I see.

Welcome home to me


Last week at 9 – 10 pm I got this beauty from my brother.
In my case I have to less specie for all my books. The reason might be due to all my old literature from the first year in university is in my apartment and not in a box in the basement.
However, I think books are grate, I have always loved books. Even when I started to read and it took me 10 min to read a page I liked it. People have tried to introduce CD with books on and now e-books. But I prefer to read books especially when I read for fun. But, with literature for my education, and we have to read 300 pages in a day. I am very thankful of eBooks, time saving, and I have no time to waste my energy or time.
Now the shelf has some of my cooking, religion, philosophy books and my make up.
Soon this shelf is going to be full of books (happy me!)