Breakfast in a cup

Too laze to use a deep plate so a cup is perfectly fine.

Today as every other mornings, my breakfast contain of musli with soured milk and green tea. This green tea from India, is really nice. Normally I have huge problem with green tea. Anyways, you know the feeling of not knowing what to eat, and to have the same thing AGAIN feels a bit heavy but at the sametime, you do not know what is the option.

That was how I felt today, I thought musli or oat and it ended with musli (of course). Nowadays I add less than a teaspoon of honey with my musli, only becasue I like some sweetness and I am telling to myself honey has some good things for us human, the negative part is honey has a lot of energy.


What a night!

Okay, I knew my sleep would be very less, but not this much lack of sleep.

At 4:30 am my body was ready to have breakfast, even though at the nigh I had milk and eggs… My stomach was screaming for breakfast at the same time my mind was not ready to get up from the cozy bed. But, from 5:30 am my stomach was screaming even heavier like an idiot and did not give me any rest. Therefore, the only option I had was to get up and eat breakfast.

On the other side, while having breakfast and this breakfast was a long before college started provided me the oppertunity to watch a Bollywood movie. To watch a bollywood movie in the morning is a luxury.

The movie was Gajinhi, it was sometime ago I watch the movie, and also may be the movie is not really morning movie, but which movie is a morning movie? In the end, I really like Aamir Khan as an actor and the movie is good overall, but in the songs Aamir look really ridiculous.

the pic is taken from google.

Breakfast and music

Today has started as a good day. It was a bit hard to get up from the bed and walk to the kitchen, but when the stomach is hungry there is no other option than to get up.
For a change I sat at my table while having breakfast and listen on fast cars. Everytime the song is playing at my home I am thinking about some of my freinds who I have not met for 2 years. This freinds I might meet in January.

Anyway today is going to be a long day both with studies and also a evening meet at my work which I have to attend. The meeting will be indeed fun to go to because it was long time ago was there.

Have a lovely day everyone!


College and brekfast


Awesome, nowadays at 6 am i is totally dark outside or more right, soon the darkness is going to be even darker. To wake up at 6 am and get up becomes much harder with the darkness outside. Instead I would love to lay some extra minutes in my bed and read a good book. Also, to get dress and leave for college is even harder. Why am I in Sweden?
However, I have already had my breakfast with tea now my fresh made coffee is done and it is time to start studying a bit before college and drink my jombo cup of coffee.
Have a lovely day!

Breakfast with micro porriage

Right now I felt for skipping the oat and soured milk and instead have something warm with my tea. So the porriage and was really easy to make in micro. Oat with some flaxseed and raisin. The water is dubble up of the water. Of course I have added honey, to get more sweet. I have so much honey nowadays and because of the a lot of honey. So the time was less than 3 min.


On top of that, every morning I am taking three tablets to get enough of vitamins and hair control tablet. I have had the problem of losing hair and the only thing which is working is hair control tablet.

Breakfast tortilla


Today I am going on holiday, for three days, which feels amazing. Finally holiday since December.
However, this means I have to empty some things in my kitchen. Therefore, todays breakfast was tortilla, liver paste, salad and on top of that tomato. I have never had this sort of breakfast and wow, it did taste good. Lovely. may be I will do this again for brunch sort of way.

Good Morning!

I had a great start today. Not only did the alarm ring at 6:16 am and I had a fresh peach before leaving home and attend bodybalance class. For me, the bodybalance is the only workout I can do with my keen. On the other side, I do not event think I should do bodybalance, because in some positions my knee is provide a burning feeling. However, I have to do some sort of work out, and bodybalance is better than bodypump and jogging.

Well, right now I am sipping my coffee with cinnamon powder and having my standard breakfast oat with soured milk and wild raspberries. On the side studying GMAT. I can say this, I have to put a lot of effort on GMAT. A LOT.


what a day

My breakfast is as boring as my plans for today. My breakfast was with oat and apple pieces. My day, is full with laundry hours from 7:20 to 12 am. Then I had in mind to have a fast visit at the gym. But, that might not be possible. The reason is very simple, my knee is hurting at everything step I am taking. So, most likely my knee has to rest. For example during the bodypump I used the same weight for my legs and arms, 3 kg. How depression isn’t?


Homework two, my breakfast


Banana pancake

I decided to try to make banana pancake for the first time. The recipes I had a look on, had vanilla sugar in the mixture. The mixture is already sweet due to the banana and to add vanilla sugar make the mixture even sweeter. Therefore I decided to skip he vanilla sugar.
So in the end my mixture was made of

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs

To add extra and freshness I had banana and apple on the side. Also, the problem is the pancake was a bit greyish, however, the pancake did taste good.


Where has the day passed by?

It feels like I have not done anything during the whole day, But I have.

I have done the laundry, clean my apartment, bought some food items such as milk and bananas. Also, I have started to study for upcoming tests. Well, the tests are not at all fun because I make always some sort of mistake. Either I forget a number, miss to write a good statement. So, as you can understand, I do not like this subjects.
Also, I have the feeling I have ants in my legs and I feel for a long walk in the city. But, I have to study some more and also at 5 pm, I am going for a work out! To the gym, excited. I am going to sweat and feel dead afterwards, that is at least my hope for the workout.


Sorry for the boring picture. But, I do not know what to upload, more photos on my studies? There for you got a picture on my breakfast bowl, oat, banana and soured milk! High five, it is the best breakfast dish I know to have at home.