I am alive

Yesterday was an extremely warm day. Especially for us at the café. We worked from 10 am to 10:20 pm, more or less standing and walking for more than 11 hours out of the 12 hours. However, this is only a summer job and this has become a part of a typical summer for me.


On the other side, when we finally could sit down, the sun was too warm for me and there was no wind either! Horrible. But, lovely place to sit and enjoy a banana split or our famous shrimp towers. Tomorrow I am heading back to the café. Let see how many customers are coming.

Chocolate balls


A café in Sweden has to have chocolate balls to be able to call them a café. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, at the café I am working at, whenever we get time and has the ingrediance we bake. We bake, chocolate balls, muffins, small cookies and much more. Anything which works well with a cup of coffee. Chocolate balls are so easy to make and take no time. Also, everyone knows how chocolate balls taste like therefore they are safe card.
Therefore, when we bake chocolate balls, we use a whole packaged of oat (1,5 kg) and may be 20 balls…. As you can hear, our chocolate balls are huge.

are there anything more to say?


I must say sometimes I am lucky. For example, I am working at this super small Café from the last 5 years and are there anything to say then, I am lucky. The café is typical summer café near to Stockholm by car, it take 45 minutes.

In the evenings, the sunset can not be any more beautiful then this, at least in Stockholm after 12 hours shift. Then, to sit outside with a cup of tea and a sandwich is not too bad. There are almost no people after 10 pm so it is very quite and relaxing. During thus hours I can finally think and just feel calm.
Nothing, almost can be better then this, also, this is a part of my summer nowadays. To feel it is summer I have to spend some days at the café and in the north. When I have been at the 2 places, then I can say summer is here for sure.

This is summer

Wow, I am out on the island and somehow this place have become a part of my summer memories, Is that not wired?
Like, our work depends a lot on the weather, if the weather is cold without any sun, we can most likely expect very few customers. However, when the weather is sunny and warm, then we are working, working and never ending. Hopefully, we will get customers during this three days.
Well, enjoy the city and I am going to eat a lot of shrimps during this three day! Also, I am going to bring my camera!


Amazing weather today too

I might say I have been good from 6:30 till now with my studies. I have study and study with some day dreaming too.
Well, at 10 am and the sky is clear from clouds does not help me with my studies… Instead I feel for taking a walk and leave all studies behind me. On the other side, I have to go to the gym during lunch to for a work out and then I might take just a little longer way on my way home.
The building on the photo is located at Gamla stan and has a very nice cafe with good pies. During the summer when the oak tree is cover with green leaves the cafe becomes even better! The whole enviornment in Gamla stand is extremely cosy, when the streets are empty of tourists.

Stureplan has got the own Starbucks

Seriously, how many cafes can Stockholm have?
Stockholm does not have many Starbucks, I think we have got four with Arlanda airport. Instead of Starbucks in every corner, we got Espresso house. Espresso house and Starbucks have the same layout, atmosphere. The customer should have a relax and comfy feeling.
There for I am asking myself, when will this new cafes end? Or will we only have brand cafes and all privet cafes disrepair?
Well, Stureplan has the first Starbucks outside the train station and the airport. I am not surprise Starbucks opened at Stureplan then any other place in Stockholm. Because Stureplan is in the city, where more expensive stores and restaurants are located.
Also, if anyone want to explore Stockholm nightlife, Stureplan is one of the places to go to. However, it is pathetic place to be. A reason is so many people wanna have many are there and the brats. There for, it is better to go to a restaurant or a cafe to chill and talk.

Gamla Stans market



So Gamla stans Christmas market might be on of Stockholms oldest markets.
I can not say I find any interesting or good thing to eat or give away. But the point for the visit at the market is the feeling atmosphere. With all the small cottages, old buildings around with Christmas starts in the windows and all the cafes. Especially Frälsningsarmens cafe at Stortorget. Frälsningsarmen is a organizationen helping the people in need, homeless, poor and so on. There for there is never wrong to take a cup of coffee at Frälsningsarmens’ cafe.
Back to the market, perfect feeling would have been with some snow on the ground and big heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. Well, that is something to wish for, for Christmas eve.

But Gamla stans market is lovely and it is possible to drink Glögg, Mulled wine, find cheese from the north, mustered, jam and much of sweets/candies.