what i want

I would love to go to a language cafe during the week. A place where I can practice Arabic with other people. To be able to speak with someone else beginner or someone how know the language.
I would love that. To be able to speak and practice more.
Right now, there are not many of my friends speaking Arabic.

Anyone how know a language cafe?

A box from Mumbai


Well, when my family and I were in Mumbai, we visited a small and very popular café. The café was and probably is still in the older part of Mumbai. If I remember this café is on the same street as Café Leopode.
However, because it was thevery first time I had real bakery since I arrived in India, you can imagine how pleased I was to eat a real croissant.
Also, this cafe has this small cute boxes for the cookies. How can you not fall in love with the boxes? There for, before we left, I did asked if it was possible for me to take a box with me. The respond was, of course you can which one do you want. So I got this one and they did not want me to pay for it either…

If, I have time to spend in Mumbai, I would like to visit this cafe again and a popular area in the north part of Mumbai. I did not have time…

A place I love

A place I love

When we were walking around in the south of Mumbai, the old British part. We found a small but very popular cafe. When we find intressting cafe we diffenatly go for a cup of coffee and some bakery and was what we did.
The cafe is on the fomus shipping street with some stores and allot off street shopping also cafe leopod lays on that street.
However this cafe Theobroma is after all commercial and next to mad-over.-donuts.
Why, I am writing about this cafe is because we all fall in love with it.
The cafe had so many bakeries which would love to try but could not. Helpful stuff.
Also, may be the best part absolutely amazing and tasty croissant, I have not had anything like this for a very long time.
It is a most to visit this cafe.

A night coffee

A night coffee

Sense last evening I had huge craving for coffee and when the CCD is not open in the hostel.
So, during the dinner my friend and I were little bored and deiced to go to cafe Milano, Cafe Milano is almost next to CCD and Reliance. My friend ordered choco rocks and for me an Americano.
We spoke about Hinduism (very interesting), future plan and much more. I have to confess my friend asked about Protestantism and I could not give much good information compare to the knowledge my friend has about Hinduism.

A good end of a week. Evening coffee with a friend and get a hard time to sleep.