I want to bake and bake and bake

Next week is first of December which means Christmas is around the courner.

While my family is out of town, my plan is to stay in Stockholm and work but also to study. That means I am going to celebrate without my family! I have celebrated christmas without my family before, but than I have been abroad. Somehow this feels wired, we will be in same country but not together.

Some years ago our gingerbread house was full decorated with sweets. I must say, the house look okay. To decorate the house is the so much of fun!

Anyways, I have the major craving for baking. I have been thinking about what should I bake, the only thing I have manage to figure out is it has to be something with Christmas. What I am going to bake is something I have no idea. Has anyone  good ideas or tips for Christmas baking?
I want to get this Christmas feeling and listing to Carlos while baking. Time to get Christmas mood on!

Not everyday you have to make 15 princes cakes

IMG_0103 - kopia

Princes cakes are really good and can look high class, in my opinion. The cake can be perfect to a birthday part, or with a cup of coffe but also for a wedding reception.
However, being one of the pople preparing 15 cakes for a wedding is a challange. All cakes have to look the same, one cake can not have more cream than the other. Every cake has to look the same. During the cake making process, we were 4 people and still the baking time took a long time. In the end we were tired and irritated on each other, but we managed to creat 15 cakes for one wedding. If I get the oppertunity to do it again, I would not miss it. Think like this, be able to help someone for the big day is something special.
At the wedding reception, the cake looked amazing and also tasted really good! I thought I was not going to eat the cake due to baking prcoess. But I did! KBB4765BDCA_1000182

This is the result from our baking, sure the cake was not standing up, but it is impossible to see this cake was homemade. The decoration was perfect to the cake.

Summer day


While we were in the south of Sweden we made it to a summer party. At the party, we got so much of sweet bakeries, and coffee. During the day, we plaied games women vs. men. Also, the games, we plaied all the basic classic games such as, run with potatoes on the spoons, jump in bags and move water. The whole part wazs a day long and also, very nice.


How lovel is not the cake? Well, in my oppinion the cake was perfect.

All for my friends

All for my friends

Last Sunday I had my friends over for a open house and served allot of different homemade bakeries, cakes and muffins.
If, I remember right I had 12 different yummy things. All I had bake took me 2 days and for sure it was worth it!

On the table I had maple-serape/chocolate muffins (my own recipe), sponge cake with and without chocolate souse, cinnamon bun, buns with vanilla cream, Tosca cake, and many others.
Of course I had also wipe cream!
To be in the kitchen and bake or cook food, alone, make me calm and relax. However, if anyone is at home when I bake, it is harder for me to concentrate.

Time pass and I want to do a…

Time pass and I want to do a...

Well, well, the whole day goes by before I leave the hostel normally. The reason is, I can not stand the heat.
From 11- 4 it is too hot outside.

So what do I do then? I watch movies, do allot of research on internet. Time pass, studies in early morning from 6-11.
I have found this amazing picture and I will try to make something like this in Sweden. Probably for my 22th birthday… Let see. Because how awesome would it not be to have allot of chocolate inside a cake?

The pic is from: http://asubtlerevelry.com/a-pinata-cake.