Gingerbread cookies

May be this is a good idea to for the baking, gingerbread cookies.

The only problem is, the dough has to stay rest for a night. At the same time, it is weekend and I can travel to my parents house without any problems.

On top of that, homemade gingerbread cookies are so much better than the cookies from the stores. Also, the sense of gingerbread cookies are one of the best during the whole christmas.

A good tip for snacks for a christmas party is to have gingerbread cookies with blue cheese. So good.

Good or bad?

From the brunch.


Eariler i would not manange to stay away from this amazing faty products. I would have been there and take at least one pices from every cheese and try and take one more round. However, I am feeling proud of mysel to skip the cheese and instead of eating more of salmon (which I do not eat that often).
This photo make me crave for cheese…. Mmmmm.

Who want?


This desserts is from Klövsjö, the local restaurant with local cheese. Perfect for the cheese lover. I was really weak for cheese before, but now I can not eat a lot cheese. Now, I can not this much cheese and a half cheese maybe.

buffe with cheese!

Yes, that is true, a buffe with only cheeses! Is it possible to get anything better then cheese? In my opinion it is impossible. The cheese is everything from creamy to strong mouth killing cheese. Therefore, perfect for everybody. On top of that, the price include something to drink such as soft drink to stronger and after coffee or tea with an other table with cookies. Heaven for a unhealthy people. (i am one of them sometimes, however this visit I skiped the buffe and only had a cup of coffee). But, still I am enjoying the place.
_MG_9109 _MG_9108

The buffe is run by Kullens gårdsmejeri in Klövsjö. One of the must to visit while bing up in the north. Best cheese, ever. I am in love with this place.

One of my life loves


Yes, if I needed to choose between cheese and sweets. I would choose cheese.

If I needed to choose between cheese and ice cream, I would choose cheese again.

Sometimes, I can get a huge craving for  cheese, and when the graving hit me, nothing can stop me, if I start to eat it. Well, I think that is the only think I have a problem to control over. On the other side, how often do I have cheese at home, which is never.
I remember when I was in India, I got sometimes code red for cheese. The only thing I could find for a good price was paneer because Indian cheese is too plastic even worse then US cheese. While the imported cheese is a bit too costly for a student.

Sweets and more sweets

Well, I might not have a sweet tooth anymore, a photos with all the sweets are lovely and somehow I wish to eat all of them. But, in the end to eat or buy the sweets are not an option for me anymore. My mind is screaming unhealthy, and waste of money and think what else I can eat.
There for, I might not eat any of the sweets but I love, love baking and be surrounded of the senses. Almost every time all my sweets are left at my parents house, so they got a job to finish the sweets.
However, my sweets needs have swap to cheese and liver pastie “needs”. The cheese and liver pastie are my new sweets and I wish to make my own liver pastie. One beautiful day I will have homemade liver pastie made of chicken liver.
Homemade cheese is harder to make, I would never have the patience to wait for months. There for my favorite cheeses are made by Kullensgårdsmejeri up in the north. I am promising to write more about the lovely kullensgårdsmejeri in an other update.

Gingerbread cookies with cheese


Yesterday dinner was lovely. With some guests and good food. So, can a evening become any better?

The welcome snacks were gingerbread cookies with cheese on top. Well, the ginger bread cookies were not homemade (but before Christmas I have to make once gingerbread cookies). The gingerbread cookies were served with mulled wine.
The mulled wine had 2 % alcohol, there for I could not drink it. But the sense of mulled wine is indeed a sign of Christmas.



We went to this restaurant in KP, Darios.
My friend told me during Christmas they have people signing Christmas carols. The restaurant has a inside and outside part. The outside part of the restaurateur has “umbrella” and trees and lights.
One of the dish´s we got was veg-pizza. The pizza had cheese, sundry tomatoes and pepper. Of course when you are in India they have oregano and chilli flakes to add on the pizza.

Today´s plan is to go to the Pune derby with some friends and then go to my host family.

Cheese sada dosa

Cheese sada dosa

This is not a dosa from the mess or FC road.
It is from lunch resturant, near my college. This dosa was thin and crispy on some part. I can say it has less fat then Vashali´s dosa.
Pretty good one and did not feel to heavy for the stomach!