Shun Xin wok cafe

After long time my friend and I had dinner at Shun Xin.

My friend took me to a almost wole in the wall resturant on Tulegatan 36 with really nice wok. The place had only more or less 5 tabels. At the same time kind of a big menu to compare to the size of the resturant. The menu had chicken, duke and beef.

My friend had beef and in my case was chicken with green curry. The dish was hot and not to hot, I could eat the dish without any problems. I do not really think I could eat wok everyday, but once in the blue moon is enough. Overall the dinner was nice.




The dinner a mix of everything


Hm… The dinner was better than I though, or at least the gravy dishes.

The roti was too less thin and felt like the bread was homemade massproduction. Anyway, they had paneer, veg malai kofta, chicken and lamb on top of that chole. In my taste they had better dinner than I expected, at least I could feel the flavours. But, the cue to get the food was too long after sometime.


Sweet soup with chicken


Before I went to the gym I made my very first sweet potato soup. Before I started with the cooking, I did some research on recipes becasue I have never done sweet potato soup. However, in the end there was no recipe whcih I followed.

The base is with Indian spices such as tumeric powder, chilli, cumin and some more. I got this amazing taste from teh spices and something extra most likelt from the sweet potato. On top of that the soup had some food yogurt.
To get some extra food, chicken was fried while I heated the soup up. One thing fore sure, I would love to make sweet potato soup again.

Left over


Oh this food from last evening was a bit too spicy for me. Too hot and it is burning. I can promise the food had a lot of garlic. But the cooking took such a long time. More or less 2 hours but it turn out really nice. THe chickens meat were soft. I can not wait to get some proper food. On the other side, Indian food smells a lot while cooking. I mean, a lot the clothes get the smell too….
Anyway, sometimes it is fun too cook non common food.

Indian cooking


I am so sorry for the bad picture, but it is not easy to be still with a lot of things going on in a super small kitchen.
My friend spoke about the spices and how the onions should look like and much more.

We made chicken and added some milk in the gravy to make the gravy less thin. However, the smell of the food was amazing. The taste was good too, better than many resturants!

Also, I made chapati 1 out of 3 was full with air, that is how chapati should be on the pan.

Chicken and dinner

For some days ago I had Taiwanese dinner at my friends’ home. The funniest thing to have dinner with my friend is while had plat and the other had bowl of rice. Also, the other funny thing is, I used fork and the other used sticks.
But, in the end we all ate at the same speed and spoke.

The dinner was with white asparagus , chicken and green boiled salad. The dinner was amazing. After dinner, we had soup, to fill up the stomach.


New homework

So, our teacher said, good photo but the photo could have been even better with the light. Well, yes, of course the photo could have been better. But, in the end when I was alone with the aluminum and the smell of banana pancake, was not easy to control the hunger therefore I manage to take only10-15 photos.
In the end, the photo did turn out better than I thought. However, the teacher recommend me to work more on the light and to move the table more near to the window. On the other side, who has the energy to move a table at 7:45 in the morning to take good photos?.. A kind of stupid question, anyone who is into photography would have moved the table and so on.

Then in the class, we started to use photoshop. I have never used that program before, but to play around was fun. Till the time I needed to call on the teacher to help me to find a setting or so. Also, to work on Mac and not PC is little different and confusing.


This was my dinner yesterday, at that time I tried to use white paper. More or less, chicken, garlic, onion, green pease and mastured seeds.