Saturday sweets

egobilder 074

Today is saturday which mean it is okay to eat sweets! Yes, yes yes love it.
Anyways, Therefore, with me friend and I got too many kindereggs to share. That the thing, some things is impossible to leave it behind. In my case the kinderegg is something I love eating, the quality of the chocoalte is really bad but I can not help it. I love the sweetness.

So, I am guessing, in the evening we will watch a movie and eat kindereggs till we puke! 😀 So not Halloween party for me.

Chocolate muffins and Arabic music

Sunday at my parents house has started kind of good. First with some studies (so boring). While studying I started to feel cold and what is the best way to get warm? To bake and use the oven. So, the only option was to start baking muffins.
– 100 g butter, – 1,5 dl sugar
– 1 teaspoon of baking powder
– 3 tabelspoon of cacao powder
– 80 g chocolate
– 2 eggs
– 2,5 DL wheatflour
– 1 DL milk

_MG_9202mix butter, sugar till it become fluffy. Add baking powder, cacao powder and one egg after each other and mix more. Add all the rest of the ingredients. The oven temprature should be 175 degrees and the muffins have to be in the oven for 30 min at least.
Simple and tasty. While baking I started to listen to the Arabic songs I have been dancing to. I do not know why, but while mixing the ingredients my hips started to move to the music. It is impossible to not to dance to this songs. The songs are really good and for sure, gives me a big smile on my lips.

Chocolate balls


A café in Sweden has to have chocolate balls to be able to call them a café. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, at the café I am working at, whenever we get time and has the ingrediance we bake. We bake, chocolate balls, muffins, small cookies and much more. Anything which works well with a cup of coffee. Chocolate balls are so easy to make and take no time. Also, everyone knows how chocolate balls taste like therefore they are safe card.
Therefore, when we bake chocolate balls, we use a whole packaged of oat (1,5 kg) and may be 20 balls
. As you can hear, our chocolate balls are huge.

Can I learn to make this things?

Some months ago the book sale was going on and as always during the last weeks with the sale the store sell the books for nothing. Therefore during the last weeks, it is possible to find if the person is lucky to find good books for no money at all. Well, with my weakness for chocolate and the enjoyment from baking I got a book about how to make pralines. I have only tired to make pralines once or twice before, as you can understand I am a big beginner.IMG_7877
May be I did not get the book because I am suppose to start making pralines. Instead, the book was a gift because of the beautiful photos. The photos of pralines, cookies and other sweet yummy things.

Amazing, amazing photos in side the book. Which make me wanna try every single pralines. Who knows how much time I get during the summer to try to make this.

Marabou to my friends

One thing is for sure, India does not know how to make good chocolate. The chocolates from Indian food store are the worse chocolates I have ever tried. In my opinion the chocolate taste only sugar, which is not that surprising because Indians have a very sweet tooth. Everything have sugar.
There for some of my gifts to my friends are chocolate, Marabou chocolate, simple and good.

A problem I am facing is, some of my friends are pure vegetarian and there for I have to read on the back side of the package what the products are made of. Almost all e-number products are a no no, because I am not sure what the number stand for. Also, I do not want to give something made of animal when it is against the region, it is about showing respect.

Hopefully the chocolate won’t melt during the journey between Mumabi and Pune. keep the fingers crossed.

Time to go to a meeting

The whole morning from 6:30 to 11:30 has been delegated to my studies. With an hour break was to get dressed and so on.

However, now I have to pack my backpack with some literature and go to college. The reason for my visit in college today, is not only to print out old exams, but to go to a meeting. The meeting is about volunteer work in college second hand books store.

I have been drinking tea with honey the whole last evening and this morning. Pry for my cold will be gone till Friday so I can work!
Also, I am having huge craving for sweets right now, but hey I have not had chocolate since August, proved of myself.

Ice chocolate, Christmas Chocolate

I think Ice chocolate is the easiest recipe to make Christmas sweets.

  • 100 gram coconut fat
  • 200-250 gram dark chocolate, possible to use white too

heat the coconut fat add the chocolate,when everything is melted take a spoon and full the small aluminum forms. Then let the ice chocolate cool down.
To get other taste, it is common to add alcohol, orange and many other.

There for, I added some baby pink topping and nuts on my ice chocolate, just to light up all the chocolate. I think my grandsparents are getting this set of ice chocolate.


Lovly lovely heaven


Too good after hours of plats coming in.
This last peaces of chocolate was the tip of a ice berg.
Lovely, tasty and small peace of heaven. I wish I could make something like this by myself…
Pretty good, this sort of events do not happen every week or year!

Sweet and bad

Yesterday was in the democracy spirit or for the society too.
First in the later morning I had to go to work and work for the first time in the lobby. Which mean clean up after the customers, clean the restaurant and the bathroom. Allot of the people are not very clean after them. Also so much garbage,so very much paper throw away. Almost a nightmare to see that.
After the work, it was my time to take a sift to stand and give voting paper.

At 8 pm was the day over, back home and ate yummy easy dinner and lay in the sofa to watch TV. Well, it did not go long time before I fell to sleep.

I have figure out, the worst part with pralines, is when you do not know what is inside of them. Because there are some sort I do not really like at all, thous with alcohol and marzipan.

But before I fell asleep I did have time to eat 2 peaces of pralines.So tasty, specially when I normally do not eat this often at all.

work and work

1,5 weeks of work and soon midsummer.

My question what to do during midsummer. Or I do know we are going for brunch but nothing else.
Let see.

Yesterday, we baked kladdkakor and chocolateballs.