Yesterday was India vs. Pakistan. Surprise, in the mess the TV was on and showed the game and no Bollywood music videos.
Today is an other game, India vs. West India. I have no idea about cricket, but for sure it is better then Bollywood music videos.
Also some of the stuff from the kitchen were watching the game and was not working. Cricket is the sport of India. No doubt.

Cricket is everywhere in India

Cricket is everywhere in India

As I wrote earlier I am staying over the weekend at my host family place. it is a bit far away from my Viman Nagar, 40 minuets with a car.
Today I took a walk and took photos, in this area of Pune feel very much like home for me. May be because I have lived here for a year before. I would like to say it is a other atmosphere then in Viman Nagar.
Yes here is a older part of Pune, but the people are friendly I would like to say.
Not that far away net to a heavy traffic road I found a man making cricket racket and other things in wood. The man has also 2 kids as you can see in the photo. The family is living under a plastic tent. This kids were very cute, they looked first scared and then they gave 2 big smiles. When you get that sort of smile you can not help to smile back.