Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.

Trying picture


Yesterday at the class we practices on panorama photo with and without flash. With the flash we needed to change the settings on the camera, from 1:a light to 2:a light. The reason is 2:a light high light the room in different time.
Then, we tried to take the photo without the light, than we needed to decrease the F to 1/8 or something and focus on our teacher before he started to walk.
I have never done this sort of photos before. Therefore I it was fun, but I am not sure I can do it again.

A part of my Stockholm


So, I went around Stockholm yesterday and asked my self, what is Stockholm. Is it the people, sun. tress and much more. Than I felt, I can not take sneaky pictures on people. On the buildings we have the pretty decorations on many buildings, therefore I thought why can not I take photos on the decorations?
Today, in the class I we are going to do some photoshop.


New homework

So, our teacher said, good photo but the photo could have been even better with the light. Well, yes, of course the photo could have been better. But, in the end when I was alone with the aluminum and the smell of banana pancake, was not easy to control the hunger therefore I manage to take only10-15 photos.
In the end, the photo did turn out better than I thought. However, the teacher recommend me to work more on the light and to move the table more near to the window. On the other side, who has the energy to move a table at 7:45 in the morning to take good photos?.. A kind of stupid question, anyone who is into photography would have moved the table and so on.

Then in the class, we started to use photoshop. I have never used that program before, but to play around was fun. Till the time I needed to call on the teacher to help me to find a setting or so. Also, to work on Mac and not PC is little different and confusing.


This was my dinner yesterday, at that time I tried to use white paper. More or less, chicken, garlic, onion, green pease and mastured seeds.

Homework two, my breakfast


Banana pancake

I decided to try to make banana pancake for the first time. The recipes I had a look on, had vanilla sugar in the mixture. The mixture is already sweet due to the banana and to add vanilla sugar make the mixture even sweeter. Therefore I decided to skip he vanilla sugar.
So in the end my mixture was made of

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs

To add extra and freshness I had banana and apple on the side. Also, the problem is the pancake was a bit greyish, however, the pancake did taste good.


So the homework for tomorrow

I am at home after a long day.
Well, at the photo class we went through the basic things with the camera. The teacher is a great, he take it very easily and explain and explain. We practiced to take photos on each other and then we started to think more about the light and the background.

After the class we got two home works. The first one was a jump picture outside the nature, on top of that with a good background. So, I met up my friend and requested him to jump for me, thankfully he did not say no. However, we took maybe 10 photos, and some were more okay then others.
The other one is to take a photo on our breakfast. This homework is based on the light. I have never really been working with the light before, therefore it is going to be tricky. However, I have to buy my breakfast items today, because I ran out on oat, milk, soured milk, fruits everything! Therefore I might try to make tomorrows’ breakfast more fancy than normal. Let’s see.

Today is a long day

So, todays’ plan is:

photo class from 9-12 am, then I have to go to the office to take a photo for our cards at 1:33. After the photo I am meeting up a new friend at slussen. We will just go to a café at hang out. Well, then at 5:30-6:30 I have to be at the gym. At the gym, I have booked a bodypump class. After 2 weeks without any bodypumpclass means, I will be very weak. However, I think I will mange the class and sweat a lot.
However, I will look like a bag lady with 2 bags, one is a bigger one from the Golden city and the other one is a small black bag from Longchamp for my camera.
Because of the long day, I have to carry with me the camera, gym clothes, food and water. Like, this going to be long day. But, I can not wait to be in the class room and for the first time after ages learn more in creative subject!


Photo on Stockholm, Well, I really miss the sunny weather and the heat. We have not had sun for 5 days. But, may be today we will get sun!

Summer course

So, yesterday anonced the lsit of summer courses. Of course I had applied to study some summer courses, well I was not that happy to see the list. I was accapted in one class only and on the waiting list for some other classes.
So, depedning on my work time table I might be able to study religious texts and analysis. This course has nothing to do with my education, it is more for fun and intressting. No harm at all to improve my knowledge about the main religions around the world. But let see how my work time table look like and also, if I can study something. Time to wait and see.
So most likely I won’t get much of summer break, but what to do, that is life!



Finally I got my certificate from Folkuniversitet. Earlier I never understood the point of saving certificates, but now nowadays I have change the point of view.
The reason is I might need to show my certificate to future class, work or anything.
So I am pleased to get a certificate for Arabic.

Dear Santa can I get hard packegs?

Dear Santa I would love to get some useful things to hold in my hand and not only money. Yes, of course as student money are never wrong to get.
There are some more things I wishes for, also, if Santa wants to give me a book I would like to get a personal letter written in the book. Just like a memory from the person. (I hope my parents are reading this updated).

  • Cooking book – about bread baking, hotdogs and also jam (possible to buy the books from Adlibris)
  • Cooking class at Medborgarskolan, bread baking, make own hotdogs, baking classe. Maybe a better options is to get a gift voucher at Medborgarskolan.

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