Hm this was not that easy in the end..

Thanks God for coffee while studies are not going that well…

So, I must say one thing, sometimes a subject can be hard to understand when the prof. does not explain that well and also write wrong.
Therefore all my trust goes to two books, one in swedish which explain everything very basic (the book is from methods course in business C) and than the book for this course. But, there are so many things to remember and everything is in a mess in my head.

Also, everyone from law course are waiting for our grades to arrive on the web. So there are time to prepare for a new exam at 9th of December. Hopfully I won’t need to write law again… Please be on my side and let me pass law.

Lets celebrate with a frappe!

God morning!
Today when I woked up I got a great news on my mail about 300 followers on my blog. For me this is big because when I started to write about my experiances in India I never thought I would keep on writing when I left India, but I did. On top of that, who was going to follow a student life in Stockholm?
Also, the updates have had some longer breaks such as during the summer or when I have not had time to write and most likely when there is nothing to write about. Anyways, somehow I got the habit to write and also, it feels good to do updates. I do not know why but doing updates feels right.
Therefore I would like you to thank you guys to follow me. This is big for me, and I am really thankful.
Not only people are follow me but also I have had this blog since August 2013, that is crazy. Where did the time go? The blog is over two years old!
Back to the 300 follwers, thank you so much for follow me. This made my day!

300 followers is a good reseaon to celebrate with a Frappe from Starbucks. 300, thank you all

holy hour of the day

Some people would say the dinners are the sacred time of the day. But, in my case the sacred hours are the mornings. It does not matter if I am eating my oat in the kitchen standing up (my favourite spot) or sitting at the kitchen table and having too much time. The morning is my best hour.
The breakfast is the same everyday, if I do not get my oat and instead bread, it can destroy my mood for some hours. Tea and coffee are a must, tea first and than coffee to really kick in.

Rule number one, do not speak with me before I had something in my stomach, especilly a complain or the normal how was the sleep or what is the plan for today. The answer would be very limited. I like company at the table, but do not speak with me too early in the morning. Best thing is to be quite and just be.


Coffee time, a must to wake me up.

Already my 5th or 6th cup

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep, which I did not really got, I woke up servel times and dreamed wired dreams. One of the dreams was about Bollywood and the next one was about GMAT. As you can hear, my dreams were totally mixed up.
A reason for the GMAT dream was because I spoke with a friend about GMAT and I am feeling stressed out already for the upcoming exam day.

However, I have had so many cups of tea and the clock has not passed 10 am… what is the sign? I am teaholic? So, now mind went for coffee and at least this is my first cup of coffee. Whenever coffee is being make at my home, there are some spices with the coffee. I do not add chili or garama masla. No, mostly cardamom or/with cinnamon. However, today I made a twist, instead of cardamom my coffee was with cinnamon and ginger powder. The flavor is good.
So, now my coffee will have three different spices to be mixed with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. What more can be added to coffee? Cacao powder and coffee is a winning concept (I have already tried it).

a dream about coffee


Wow right now I can’t think about anything else then a big cup of latte and watch a movie. Well, I have to wait for an other 2 hours to be at home. Most likely i am going to meet happy party people at the local train. They are on the way out and i am on the way home.
Well, coffee would be amazing right now.


Coffee from not the common food store. Well, the coffee from the food store are okay to drink during the days but while having guests over it can be nice to provide some special. Therefore I am very happy to get Ethiopian coffee and also coffee from a country south America. Is that not pure luxury? Because Ethiopian coffee is suppose to be one of worlds best coffee producing country. IMG_7880

Strong coffee at 9 pm

I went to my parents house for dinner and also to print out information about Mary Kom. Basic thing, to do a good interview needs information. Well, what else?
Yes, I made this big mistake again, to have two cups of strong coffee at 9 pm after the dinner. Why do not I learn that coffee is not that great idea to drink. Not even coffin free tea is a good idea to drink after 9 pm (Which I am having right now)…
Well, at least I do not have a late evening sandwich, but it sounds too good to have it. Bread with fried egg on or ham and on top of that some vegetables. WP_20140330_010

Home studies


I am badly desperate for coffee or at least coffin. Normally I drink huge amount of tea. I have so many different flavor of tea, such as peach, vanilla, masla, green tea and many more. But, every now and then I drink coffee, not very often at home but after a dinner out with the family.
But, I have try my new coffee from Central America. That will be an other time.
Right now, I am waiting for the locksmith to fix my door lock. I am hoping he will soon call me. It is freaking expensive to change the lock, 3000 SEK. Thank god I have an extra job on the side.

Great evening

Yesterday, we had made plan to go out for dinner but everything changed due to unwelcome guests had been in the attic. Great, great and great. Now we have also changed the clock, from winter to summer time. It is horrible, I have lost an hour sleep.

There for I will need a lot, a lot of coffee!

TIme moves on but not all friendship does

_MG_0092Time goes fast.
A reason is because, I met a old friend from 2010. A friend from my time in India or our time. We met up today and I can not believe 4 years have passed by. So fast, so quietly and unbelievable.

Some people you do not want to lose and some people you do not meet often, but when you finally meet. The meeting does not become wired or feeling.

While some other slips between your fingers and you finally relics the other person and you have nothing similarities.