Pure and Simple, is what I like

I am this big sucker for cooking books. My bookshelf contain most of textbooks from 3 years of business studies and than with all the cooking and baking books.


The bookshelf has too many books, but I love them all. Some of my cooking books are from Sweden other are from India and Canada, also Germany. The biggest must for my cooking books are they have to have photos on almost all the reciepes. So, there are photos to compare the dish from the book with my dish. Major reason is to get inspiration from the book and to get the feeling I want to try to do this dish. However, normally I do not have all the ingredients so it always ends up with I skip this ingredient and use this one instead. Most of the time the dish turn out good.


What I have faced with Indian cooking books, they requring a lot of ingredients and not in big quantityeither, all the spices for ecample, 1/2 teaspoon, or 1 teaspoon of this and that. So when I got this book Pure and simple, my joy was was extrem. The recipes are simple, does not ask for 10-15 different ingredients and in the back of the book shows step by step how to make Paneer, gravy and much more. A very good book for a pure beginner. The only thing I have to comment is the book has only veg recipes, if it good or bad. I do not know, but most of the dishes are veg.


A book from 1911

A book from 1911

Some days ago when I visit my parents I found some old goodies in my bookshelf.
The book on the top is from 1911, which mean it must has been my great grandmother┬┤s cooking book and also over 100 years old! Not bad at all.
To the point, the cooking book has many recipes which I have never seen before. An other book is from 1930 and newer.

Not only the books are old, they have been in the family which create an extra feeling towards them. Now, my bookshelf is occupied of cooking books, older and newer, baking and Indian also Canadian recipes. I just love cooking books with many photos too!