stew or soup who knows?

So, for some weeks ago I had this amazing meat soup with my grandsparents and could not stop thinking about the dish. Therefore, I decided to cook the dish today, while I needed to do huge grocery shopping.
I really liked the soup, however due to the hugh amount of meat, I could not follow the recipe to 100 %.

I used:

1 kg meat,
5-10 new potatoes 2 carrots
2 onions
2 red pepper

cut everything in small pices. Put the greens and the meat in the pan and fry. When everything are fried add the tomatoes, stocks and everything else. Let it boild for some time and then it is tasty and read to eat.


Homemade jam

So, yesterday was the day I made for the very first time my very own jam of blueberry. Yes, I made jam alone.
It was a fun thing to do and I want to do it agian.
However, there are so many differnet recipes for jam. More or less a big sea. I read different recipes and ended up to make my own with how many DL of berries and sugar.
So, in the first patch was with 15 dl of berries and 5 dl of sugar.

One of my many weaknesses is…


All the spices I have collected from Canada, Kazakhstan, India and some countries from South America. Well, I have to confess only salt and pepper do not help to make good and tasty food. There has to be some sort of twist.
Whenever I am cooking chili has to be in my food. However, I have not make the mistake of adding too much chili for sometime now. Instead, too less chili, but better to have to add more while eating than having tears from the food.

I really love mustered seeds, garam masala, and cumin seeds. They are the amazing. Also, sometimes when I am cooking the smell from the maslas are sipping out from my door and out to the stairs… I really hoping none is against my food….

I love spices

Homework two, my breakfast


Banana pancake

I decided to try to make banana pancake for the first time. The recipes I had a look on, had vanilla sugar in the mixture. The mixture is already sweet due to the banana and to add vanilla sugar make the mixture even sweeter. Therefore I decided to skip he vanilla sugar.
So in the end my mixture was made of

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs

To add extra and freshness I had banana and apple on the side. Also, the problem is the pancake was a bit greyish, however, the pancake did taste good.


Fast food

Before the movie I made simple fast food in my super small kitchen. Fresh chicken breast, tomatoes, corn, different masala and green curry with coconut milk. With supper little masala can add flavors on any sort of food. So, did the food turn out good? yes, simple and good. Perfect to have at home but no good idea to have in a food box to college.

With this dish, I had some tortilla bread. So it ended up that I ate tortilla like chapati.


As long I have my masla I can cook and liking my food. But when a dish does not have masala or hotness the dish is a bit tasteless.

What sort of chilli did I get?!

Okay, my dad gave some food supply for me such as milk, ginger, chilli and broccoli. Dad is a little bit like the government, but instead of taking taxes from me he provide benefits (sometimes). He is always there.
Well, this time I got a small bag with red end yellow chilli, ICA eco, organic chilli. Normally, our chilli is weak, not the boring hotness which I have faced. But this time, the chilli was just too hot. While cooking my daal, the air become toxic. In the way I was coughing, eyes were watering and I did not know where to go. I could not leave the kitchen because of the food and I could not stay there because of the chilli air. Somehow I manged it.

I should have understood at that moment the daal would be too spicy. But I did not. Wow, that daal was too spicy. Way too spicy. So the only way to eat it was too mixed it with yoghurt.
Also, I have too mixed the daal with chicken, because the chicken did get any flavor and tasted plain, just like chicken!… Somehow, in my kitchen anything can happen. If it is not chilli toxic air, it is chilli in my eyes or boiling oil popping up like popcorn. There for, in my kitchen anything can happen, it is never boring or it is like a war. Well, one thing is for sure, when I am cooking, the kitchen, the hall and the hall outside my apartment can turn out to have a sens of masala. I need to get a fan. So, my neighbor won’t complain.

Two cooking books

I have a shelf with many different cooking books. I am happy over my cooking books collection. A reason is I have books about Indian, German, Salads, sweets, baking, Christmas food/baking and Jamie Oliver, also my grandmothers old cooking books. So what is there to not to like? I have no Idea. Well, may be I should get a book about South America?
However, I have two favorite books, one of them is “vår kokbok” that book has EVERYTHING inside. From how to fried a egg to creating advantage dishes with meat. Life saver and every house should have a basic cooking book.

The other books is from Canada. A family member recommended to get the book. A reason is the book has many basic recipes with a twist. The dishes are not that hard to follow, besides everything is in cups and some of the recipes need a grill or oven. But, I love the book it is fresh and has good tasty recipes.
The women behind the book have a website, janetandgreta.

By the way, the looneyspoons collection has a very American cover.