Super cream for super hands

One of the most important parts with a good hand cream is the sense. Crabtree & Evelyn has this amazing cream with sense of pomegranate.

While working in fast food there is a most to always apply hand cream during a awake time. But, for almost a year I have not been in fast food, but got some super hand cream.
The best part is, this cream has been lying in a cold place (ie. refrigerator) and has not turn bad or the sense has change or anything. Which mean, the cream is perfect to use now when the cold has arrived. My hands get super easily cold and dry. So, this one has to be in my bag for the next months.

A new cream


When I visited India during December, my friends and I went to Forest Essentials store in Pune. I would say the store is little bit a like Bodyshop, but better. At least the store provide a luxury feeling. In the store I bought body oil and a lip bomb. However, at the Mumbai‚Äôs airport, I had around 3000 rupees left and needed to spend them. So, once again I visited the store and found this lovely cream. The cream has a rich sense of roses. But, when I passed the security check, they needed to test the cream and run a scanner. During that time I was not sure if they would say, sorry ma’am you can not bring the cream on the plane. Well, as it turn out, I got the cream to Sweden.
The box, is really sweet and might be good to keep it with my perfume.

Some of the products are good and other less

One thing I am good on, well I think almost every women who use make up are good on this. And that is, to remove the makeup every evening. Well, all at lest you need good products for that.
I would say cliniqui has good product to remove the makeup. My favourite is the cream cleanser because my face feels like baby skin afterwords! On top of that, the cleanser remove very effective the make up. While on the other side, Lancome for sensitive eyes is less great. I do not know why really. But there is something I do not really like with it. Sometimes, how much I try to remove my mascara with Lancome. The next day I have a black shadow under my eyelashes. Therefore when Lancome is finally over I have to get a new eye makeup remover.

Can you recommend any good eye makeup remover?