Again cricket

Again cricket

This is how the mess look like when India is playing cricket. As I ealier wrote about, some of the mess workers do not really work. No, they watch cricket. I think they could actually stand there during the whole game.
For me it is funny to see how important cricket is in India, because we in Sweden do not really have any national sport, which we are good in. Yes, we do have Zalatan a good player but Swedish football team is not that great…

In Delhi

Now, I am in Delhi and when I stepped out from the airplane I felt a could air. The temperature was around 18 degrees.
Before, in Pune I did a mistake in the security check. I did totally forget India has a male cue and female security check. So, I went to male cue, but they told me females check is on the other side in a box. Why is male security open, so everyone can see and female security in a box?
Then in the waiting area, I saw a group men in a group standing outside the bathroom. My thought was this is wired, male has a cue and female does not. But the I saw next to the male bathroom was a Tv with cricket game on.

Let the light burn

Let the light burn

Today in the evening my host mom put out some oil lamps. Some people did it yesterday but we did it today.
at 6 am they, people in he society burst crackers till 9 am. Cars alarms went off and impossible to sleep.
right now it is cricket between India and Australia. Hope India win.