Daal which is to thick

Good morning!
For some days ago a friend and I went to a Indian store near to Drottninggatan to buy things for our indian cooking. I bought a lot all of things beside one spice which I have almost nothing left. One of the major reasons why I went to the store to buy that spice and I totaly forgot it.
Anyway, so today I mad daal after weeks with non-veg!
While cooking the daal I managed to forget the time and the daal become too thick. However, too thick dall is not that big of a problem. I prefer too thick daal than a too thin and watery. Becasue I can always add some water when the daal is heating up.
For this daal I used all ready mad masala becuase the energy for mixing and adding all the requried spices take time and energy which I did not have.


The daal is mixed with coscos, becasue I want to finish coscos very soon. I am hoping i can sson do chapati because I miss it so much.


What sort of chilli did I get?!

Okay, my dad gave some food supply for me such as milk, ginger, chilli and broccoli. Dad is a little bit like the government, but instead of taking taxes from me he provide benefits (sometimes). He is always there.
Well, this time I got a small bag with red end yellow chilli, ICA eco, organic chilli. Normally, our chilli is weak, not the boring hotness which I have faced. But this time, the chilli was just too hot. While cooking my daal, the air become toxic. In the way I was coughing, eyes were watering and I did not know where to go. I could not leave the kitchen because of the food and I could not stay there because of the chilli air. Somehow I manged it.

I should have understood at that moment the daal would be too spicy. But I did not. Wow, that daal was too spicy. Way too spicy. So the only way to eat it was too mixed it with yoghurt.
Also, I have too mixed the daal with chicken, because the chicken did get any flavor and tasted plain, just like chicken!… Somehow, in my kitchen anything can happen. If it is not chilli toxic air, it is chilli in my eyes or boiling oil popping up like popcorn. There for, in my kitchen anything can happen, it is never boring or it is like a war. Well, one thing is for sure, when I am cooking, the kitchen, the hall and the hall outside my apartment can turn out to have a sens of masala. I need to get a fan. So, my neighbor won’t complain.

Best Daal

Best Daal

As many other students in the hostel and Indians, I love daal. Seriously, daal is maybe on of the best dishes India has.
Today, I had 2-4 bowls of daal, (the other dish was deep fried).

The worst part is to dig in with roti/chapati/naan in daal. The hands get so sticky and foodie.
However, before i took daal with my spoon and on top a piece of roti. But, one of my friends told me to make small pieces of roti and mix it with daal. I did tryit, and it was really good, for sure I will do it again. Best part, I did not get any daal or food on my hands!

I really need to learn how to make daal, so I can make daal in Sweden.