My type of dal

I do not have the energy to cook good food everyday. Who has the energy? Therefore I really like to be able to prepare 3-4 food boxes with food which mean I am saving a lot of time during the week. Also, the best part, I do not need to eat unhealthy food or half brand. But, it take time to prepare and cook better food. But, may be I should spend more time to cook good food then buy half already made.

Therefore, I am pleased to say I made dal, it is so simple to make wth a pressure cooker. I think that is one of the best things I got with me from India. Beside the need to fry the spices and onions the lential can easily be added with water and boile after three puffs it is done. Simple.

So, my lential mix for today was with green lential (they do not break that easily compare with the red one). two onions, 2 garlics, 1 red chilli, mustard seeds, coriander, ginger poweder (I do not have fresh one at home).


Somehow I miss the mess daal, it was the best thing they could make. 2-3 bowls of dal and chapati and talking to friends. Yes, what a great time we had.

Well, what to do

Well, again my lunch boxes almost over and of course I needed to cook more,

The sades part is what I cooked did not have tomatoes, curry leafs and chilli.The ingredients are for the flavor, however I had some onions and garlic.


However, I was inspired of indian dal, and tried to cook but in my own sort of way.
I can say this one is missed allot of spices.

Too much food, again

Too much food, again

When we were in Pune during one of our last days. We went to a pretty new shopping mall, the mall is in the outskirt of Pune Anomra or something like that was the name.
However, the mall was beautiful but had almost no stores. Do not even speak about restaurants to eat lunch or dinner… As a tourist in a country we want to eat the countries food as much as possible so no pasta, no pizza or hamburgares. There for it eneded we went to Rajestani. That restaurant serve Indian food and allot of food for 200 rupees.
pretty tasty food too, not too spicy