Dance and dance


At the Diwali festival there was dance preforance by a really good dance group.


The best part is, my dad has become much better to take photos since he started to use my camera. Also on top of that, he got much better place me.
Anyway, the group is raelly good and dance different sort of dance preforamnces. Also, this group has preforamed at so many events and always do a great show.

Midsummer in the rain, just perfect


After many years without midsummer celebration. I have to thank my exchange student and also she is a good friend of mine nowadays. Well, only because of her, we celebrated together. She requested me to show her midsummer. A typical Swedish midsummer, well she got everything, from the food, to the maypole and also the weather. A typical midsummer weather is, rainy, cold and not at all sunny and warm.
Well, Skansen was nice, but a bit crowded with a lot of tourists, on the other side, everyone behaved.
After the maypole we went to have a look on the animals and also on the midsummer market. The market was, but nothing special for us, because they sold honey, jam and so on. However, the time went extremely fast and then the clock was 5 pm and we were cold and tired.



So,Yesterday was great.
We had lunch at my home and then we went to Skansen.
Wow, what a day, cold and rainy. Somehow it felt I was the only Swedish person at Skansen. We finally danced around the maypole and sang små groderna. My friend thought we are crazy to sing about frogs… We, yea may be we are. But at least it is fun to be wired. So, more updates are coming.

The devil in the late evenings

Finally arrived home after an intense practice for the upcoming dance show. Also of course my belly is empty, or at least feeling empty. What does not help is to know in the kitchen on the top shelf is my secret sweet box. Secret is not for me… but at lest hard to reach. In the sweet box are all my sweets (very few) and more of chocolates.
There for, when it is 11 pm it is easy to take a chocolate corner or something else if they are laying on the kitchen table, but not when they are too high up to reach.

Instead of having this devil sweets Jelly Belly from New York and watching Modern Family. The option was a cup of tea with milk and Modern family.

Have any one tried this Jelly Belly with chocolate? I have never seen this sort of jelly beans before and the box is still untouched.

Ready for belly dance show

So, last Saturday was a second hand market at a dance school.
The best part with the market was, they sellers had only dance clothes and things for belly dance, bollywood dance and so on. At the market I finally bought a scarf for belly dancing.
A reason I got the scarf is due to the student show we are having in the beginning of December. Also I would love to practice belly dancing during the spring semester.
In my case, it is hard to go to the gym without company or a PT. I just cannot do the machines alone, so boring. But, with the dance class, it is much more fun!
Even if I might not be the best dancer, but at least it is fun.


I should try to find belly dance scarf in India. If, I find something like this in India, it has to be much more cheaper.

Dance as long you can

If I am guessing right, you all know that I am dancing belly dance very Wednesday (today).
Also, in December we all students having a dance show. I have decided to preform, I have to face my fear of preforming and dancing at the same time.
So our shows are at the 9th and 10th of December in the evenings. The ticket price is 160 at the door.

That was not what I planned to write about, no, I thought to write about the flea market at the dance school. So, on the 15th of November the dance school organizing a flea market for dance clothes and so on. the door is opening at 1 pm to 5 pm at Layali, Dalagatan.

I am planing to go and see if I can find a belly dance belt. I have not bought one yet…

Also, during the next semester I am going to dance belly dance. There for I should get a belt!

listening on spotify

The belly dance teacher has made a music list on spotify for us student.
The list has all the songs we are dancing to.
I have catch myself starting practicing some dance steps instead of cleaning. Like I have the duster in my hand doing the shimmy and so on.
Dancing and cleaning is not the effectiveness, but at least it is fun!

Right now my computer is playing Zay El Asal feat Yara… something (too long name to write it down with the song Rola Saad.