Swedish style of Dosa

At the cooking class we made some dosa. It tasted pretty good, little different from the normal dosa, or Indian dosa.
The Swedish-Indian dosa has semolina, flour, yoghurt and many other ingredients. Also, cooking time is may be 45 minutes. Swedish-Indian dosa and normal dosa has to be eaten directly, because the dosa taste best when it is fresh.

Dosa was one of my favorite dish from Indian kitchen. Also, my question is why can not Indian restaurants have Dosa on the menus?

FC road

Today, we had dinner at vershali, the famous place for Dosa, in FC road.
Also, it is a place to go when it is sunny and not rainy. When we arrived to the place, it started to rain heavily. But a dosa is too good.
After the dinner we went for Cad-b, cold liquid chocolate. Too tasty and unhealthy.

A good evening.

Homemade Dosa

Homemade Dosa

First dinner at my hot family. Of course it was dosa with chutney.
It has been my favorite dish for very long time and the sadness is it is impossible to find dosa in a menu card in Sweden.
However, in yesterdays newspaper it was a article about a unemployed chines family. This family had sold the new born baby for 5 lakh to buy Iphone and brand sport hoes. What the parents have done is trafficking and will face the judge. Pretty crazy news I read in Times.

Cheese sada dosa

Cheese sada dosa

This is not a dosa from the mess or FC road.
It is from lunch resturant, near my college. This dosa was thin and crispy on some part. I can say it has less fat then Vashali┬┤s dosa.
Pretty good one and did not feel to heavy for the stomach!

Can i get one more?

Can i get one more?

So this was the dinner last night, Dosa with cheese.
Maysore cheese sada dosa in Vashali. Vashali is the best place to eat Dosa.
After the dinner we (me and some friends from college) had softy. What is very sad is I think McDonald softy was much better.
Nothing can beat Vashalis dosa, Hostel dosa cannot compare at all.