Friends are getting married soon

A dear friend of mine is getting married soon and she has started to look for a wedding dress. The thing is I can not really understand why to put so much money on one white dress which you will only wear once.

I can understand people paying a lot for a dess which they can use more times than one. A ball gown for example, is possible to use servel times and find good quality.

Why is it so important for many girls to wear white dress and spend a lot of money on a very specific dress? I have never understood that point. If it was me, I would spend more money on a dress which I can use more than once becasue who cares if the dress is white or not?
At the same time, wedding dresses are beautiful, but not worth the money.

THE Dress


My very good friend has just got the dress done. The dress is amazing pure art. I know the dress will look great on me.
Pria is a great designer, she has done many other incredible dresses. Love this dress.

What I have to do is to wait for the dress to arrive from India.

already started with planing

I am going to India in January and it is more than 3 months left. Due to my excitment to go back home I have already started to think what to bring with me. I am planing to bring kurta (best clothes every), dresses, tops, high heels. A lot more.

I know for sure I am going out either in Mumbai or Pune or may be in both cities. I have never been out in Mumbai (it is a must to go out and clubbing in Mumbai). Last weekend my friend ahd her birthday party and I had this red dress for the first time after years. Last time I had this dress was in 2012 and due to my weight lost the dress was one size too big.

However, I manage to fix the one size to big and the dress was looking good on me. Therefore this dress is so going with me to India, this dress and I think a par of black high heels. You see, I am so excited to go back home and meet my friends and families. It is so crazy.


I found a really nice surprise

For some days ago I did a google search from Namaste Stockholm, because I wanted to see if I could find some photos from the fashion show. The desginers are amazing talent and great friends. However, I could not really find any photos, but instead I found a video. The video is only on one collection, but that is better than nothing. I must say all the desginers were amazing, none of them were better than the other.
Even if I could not find any photos on google, I am very good I got my own photos from the fashion shows.

Everything is great


The dress is incredible, the plastic bag is fun and I like the photo. I think the dress is made with great hand work with a lot of details. This dress was the last peace of the designers collection and is a strong dress. I am wondering how he got the idea and creation.
Why can not I be a great designer?

I am really looking forward to see how her future will be.

Last and amazing designer


So good design. Amazing. This designer have used fabric from old clothes, nothing is new. Or just very few things are from Delhi market. But this clothes were so playful and joyful. Also the designers clothes are what she has made. Really amazing. The designer requested us to dance and smile while showing her collection.

I think her clothes are working in Sweden and India, nothing would stop her to sell clothes here or india. Works every where.

Second show, second time


For some days ago we did the second show at Sharaton hotel. There was again a lot of people in the room therefore it was a bit tuff to walk around in side with this lovely dresses, but somehow we made it. Somehow I do not know how.
Well, we worn the same dresses which mean we were more comfortable.

But, there was a problem, and it was the stairs up to the stage, or at least for me. With the dress and heels on top of that the high stairs. Well, I mange it. Thank god.
Also, it was really fun to wear all the beautiful clothing. Pure art which all the three designers have made.


Breakfast meeting again and the show

So, today I have to be at the hotel at 6:30/45 to have breakfast with ma’am and the designers. Of course I have start to learn again about the timings. To say we have to go at 7:45 to reach the hotel means 8 am. Well, that is how it works, timings are flexible.
Well, right now the designers and ma’am are at a meeting and I am at home to study. Well, tonight we have an other fashion show to take care of at a hotel. So,¬†hopefully we will create a great show for the audience once more and of course my dad is my camera man. My dad used my lines which I got on my birthday. Perfect timing to get a lines for distances.

This was one of the girls’ design. Really well done I am in love with the whole outfit on the end girl on the right.

Function tonight

Tonight I am going to a function that India embassy has organized. I am really looking forward to go. Perfect end for this week and weekend.

So for the function I am going to wear this pretty little dress by Ritu Kumar. I bought the dress in 2011 but almost never used. My handbag is a simple black longchamp. I have not decided if I am going for high heels or flats, let see.

Bollywood movie evening

So, this evening I am going to see Finding fanny, a bollywood movie. I hope the movie is good but I do not know. It is so hard to tell with movies. Well, keep your fingers cross.
Due to the movie I decided to wear a dress which I found at my parents house. The dress has been my mom’s party dresser in the 80’s as you can see with the style but somehow that is the beauty with the dress. My mom said, even if the dress has been dinner/party dresses, it is better you use it then the dress just lying in a box. So, I got it!
While looking on the dress you can see the dress is loos and big but suits pretty good for the summer in my opinion. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and does not cut in anywhere.