Never mind


Sorry, but I just found out many of my dresses are not fittning me. The dresses pre india are too big I mean 1 or 2 sizes too big. How is it een possible? I hate it.
Should I get them fixed or am I in the risk zone when I might gain again this extra fat kg? I do not, I am so lost. I think I will wait for some more months till I get the dresses done. This dress is a size 3 and is too big…. So sad because I only had it very few times…. The dress is from Ritu Kumar Of course!

A slice for me and you


What a day. It feels like the days with bad news does not end. Not only can not my friend and I manage a skype evening. But now I got to know, the dress won’t arrive till the Diwali festival. I had so much hope to get my dress on time. May be that is the thing, timings are not the strongest side for many people. Therefore I have to look on my old dresses what to wear and I am totally lost. One thing is for sure, I can not wear a black dress for Diwali. The festival for light!
Any way, this is a small issue.

Vintage dress

IMG_0909 - kopia

This photo is kind of old at least over 5 years old. However, it is not about the photo I am planing to write about. No, it is about the dress. The dress has been my grandmothers. My grandmother is much much shorter than me (I am 174 cm) and we used to have the same size on dresses. So, when my grandparents were shifting I got the big oppertunity to try my grandmothers old dresses. Some of the dresses were from the 50th and was fitting me too good (The dress in the photo is still fitting me and many other of her old dresses).
I can only say, I was lucky to have a grandmother who has saved the dresses.
The blue dress is from NK and I do not know how old the dress is but at least 30- 40 years old and look like new! So, for sure this dresses are vintage becasue all of them are brands and in good conditions too!

Friends are getting married soon

A dear friend of mine is getting married soon and she has started to look for a wedding dress. The thing is I can not really understand why to put so much money on one white dress which you will only wear once.

I can understand people paying a lot for a dess which they can use more times than one. A ball gown for example, is possible to use servel times and find good quality.

Why is it so important for many girls to wear white dress and spend a lot of money on a very specific dress? I have never understood that point. If it was me, I would spend more money on a dress which I can use more than once becasue who cares if the dress is white or not?
At the same time, wedding dresses are beautiful, but not worth the money.

THE Dress


My very good friend has just got the dress done. The dress is amazing pure art. I know the dress will look great on me.
Pria is a great designer, she has done many other incredible dresses. Love this dress.

What I have to do is to wait for the dress to arrive from India.

already started with planing

I am going to India in January and it is more than 3 months left. Due to my excitment to go back home I have already started to think what to bring with me. I am planing to bring kurta (best clothes every), dresses, tops, high heels. A lot more.

I know for sure I am going out either in Mumbai or Pune or may be in both cities. I have never been out in Mumbai (it is a must to go out and clubbing in Mumbai). Last weekend my friend ahd her birthday party and I had this red dress for the first time after years. Last time I had this dress was in 2012 and due to my weight lost the dress was one size too big.

However, I manage to fix the one size to big and the dress was looking good on me. Therefore this dress is so going with me to India, this dress and I think a par of black high heels. You see, I am so excited to go back home and meet my friends and families. It is so crazy.


I found a really nice surprise

For some days ago I did a google search from Namaste Stockholm, because I wanted to see if I could find some photos from the fashion show. The desginers are amazing talent and great friends. However, I could not really find any photos, but instead I found a video. The video is only on one collection, but that is better than nothing. I must say all the desginers were amazing, none of them were better than the other.
Even if I could not find any photos on google, I am very good I got my own photos from the fashion shows.