I am back

Last evening was my first work shift after 3 months without work. What I felt, was I had forgot some part of the routines, but after some more shifts and I will be as good as before.


After the work I manage to take a fast stop at the gym to do cardio for 33 minutes. More or less to move my legs and create more hunger. The thing is, my shift got over at 22 and around that time my stomach start scream for food. To be able to eat with enjoyment, the best option is to work out and be even more hungry before eggs and warm milk.
One thing I most say, even after my diet in India, when I ate a lot of eggs every day at least 6 eggs. Still I love boiled eggs and can eat eggs every day without any problems. EGGS are awesome.

So, at 11 pm I was at the gym and worked out, and I know I am going to face the sleeping problems tomorrow. But, that is okay, I needed to work out, because it takes time to relax and calm down after a shift.

Evening out


Evening was with family, so I did not needed to spend an other evening alone. So, first I took a walk and went to NK to have a look on the latest clothes. But, there was nothing which I would say I wish to have it or anything. Instead I figured out what I needed, external hard drive, an other one.
So in the end of the evening I met my family and had a good plate with fish and salad. Also I got a pack of organic eggs from the south of Sweden. Thous eggs are the best, nothing like the food stores eggs.

Yesterday work


Yesterday at work I needed to work 5 h before a break. 5 h and 2 minutes.
Before I got my break I got a huge order.
So during the break I got some vegetables and two eggs. Because 4-5 Pm is not a dinner or lunch time.

Afghan omelet

Afghan omelet

Today after my work I did not feel for cooking anything or make too much.
So what is better then to make something with eggs and after a year with allot of boiled eggs, you do not really feel for more boiled eggs.
However, thanks for knowing great friends how has open my eyes.
Yes, my dinner was not very much hard or special but taste very good! easy and yummy!

English breakfast on the beach


Every morning in Goa, we went down to one of the restaurant´s on the beach to start with a breakfast.
We went to a place called Tropicana, a very nice place.
The workers were good, friendly and not creepy like other restaurants on the beach.

One of the days we ordered English breakfast, it was so good.
Maybe the food tasted extra good because we sat outside, in the shadow, the sand under our feet and fresh air. The warm, salty sea behind us. The restaurant played good music. But most important, we had each other. We friends. Happy to spend last days together.



Crazy, crazy, crazy.
My friend is selling off furniture from the apartment, because my friend is done with college . So in the morning we faced a little problem. The reason was, we had no gas for cooking or stove, nothing. What we did, we went to a small typical Indian restaurant.
Plastic chairs, open kitchen, little dirty, many workers.

My friend asked if they could make afghani omelet, they did not have it in the menu, but they made it. The omelet was okay, prefer homemade.
we also had chai and spoke about the movie, Noah, college and much more.
It is sad the time in india is soon over. Because when will I meet all this lovely people again?