OMG I did it

Yes, The results from law is up!


For the last hours I have checked every 5 mintues if the marks are out. Everytime, the coldness in stomach have I passed or not. With a huge disapointment when the results were not out and once again after 10 minutes the same feeling with the same disapointment.Anyways, than on my way home, I got the result. We can only get U, G and VG, U = fail, G = Good and VG= Very good. Next to law 15 hp (which is 10 weeks full time studies) was two big letters, VG.

I got VG in Law. Feeling really good and now today I am going to work after a long break for studies. Good result and my first work shift after 2,5 months of break.


Half way of the week

Tomorrow is the big day. We all ahve been waiting like crazy for our result to be out. The worst part is I have no idea how the exam went, But I am hoping for the best. In the end, it is our profs. who have the power.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day, we will get our result, and please keep fingers cross that I have passed Law.


Exam is did


Wow, I am tired after 6 hour and 15 minutes long exam in law I am so tired. So, so tired anyways now it is over I can rest for the rest of the evening. I can not say I liked the exam, I sat with my book and wrote. Let see how good the paper went.
May be the best part is tonight my brother is treating me with a nice sushi dinner at Stockholms best sushi place! ūüėÄ

the big day

My big day is upcoming in November. The day has nothing to do about relationships or anything like that. The 23rd of November is exam day. The most important exam day I have ever got and also there is an other important exam day which I have to book. But 23rd of November is extremely important for me. I can mess it up. IMG_7837

Exam exam andm exam

I am surprised, seriously. Only once I woke up this night (like many other nights). But manage to fall asleep again after the new papers had arrived. Also, with my plan to sleep as long I wanted did not turn out that good. Instead of have a nice sleep morning,, I woke up at 7. So there were not other options then to wake up and have breakfast.

So, I have plan to go to bodypump work out at 12ish, 60 minutes long work out. I am so going to be dead. But hopefully the work out will be fun. I have been to 45 minutes long, and that work out was not too bad. But may be the last 15 minutes are the worst.

Also, after the exam 5-9 pm I have to head to my parents to collect my new laptop. No time to lose, because tomorrow morning my research partner and I have to start to write the paper again.


Photo is from Pune, from near by SB road.

Weekend after a paper

Finally, my exam is over, I can not say it went good. Well, there is always opportunity to do the paper again.
beside of the paper, I am very tired from last night,most likely I did not get enough of sleep. The time is 6 pm and my eyes are too heavy and i want to go to bed to take a nap for an hour. But, that is not possible because, I am going out for dinner to celebrate my exam is over? No, more right to be able to eat something.

Let see where we are going, hopefully not to far away from my apartment, it is going to be a early night!

Of course I had two bowls of khakra, honey and milk today for snacks. I have to look for khakra here in Sweden. I NEED IT!

I am scared

The sun is shinnying, the temperature is decent outside. the sky has some clouds moving slowly. The weather is typical early spring weather, perfect time to be outside suck all the sun in and the air. My situation is the totally opposite. I am sitting inside the college and studying. I am too scared of the paper, I have to pass, because  do not want a backlog in this subject. Really I do not want.

There for I have with me coffee, vegetables, fruits so I can be in college till 8 or so. Let see. But one thing is for sure, I will not go to the gym today.

Exam soon


On Friday is a big day, or may be more exam in financial strategies. The worst part is I have not figured out what is the very most important to study on.
I know I have to study on some articles but what will come on Friday. Study, study and study.

Early morning

My plan for today was to have a sleep in and wake up without a alarm. But, I woke at 5:30 with a screaming empty stomach. With an empty and hungry stomach is not an easy task to fall in asleep again after a woke up.

Today plans are to go to college meet up a friend to study for the upcoming exam in Financial strategies on Friday. I am a bit scared for the exam, because normally we can figure out the important questions based on the old exams papers questions. On the other side, this paper is horrible, we can not figure out the important questions. It is impossible. There for it is very important to study on EVERYTHING.
Then, in the evening at 5:30 I have to visit the gym.

The photo is from a friend from the roof on the house. Pretty lovely view with the sunset.

YES, it feels awesome

FINALLY, finally our result is out, after 3 weeks of waiting and being patience. In my case after a week, even after 3 days I start to check the result. Because may be, just may be the prof. has already read the exams paper.
There for, when I looked for the 20th time for today, the result was out. I could not believe I got the highest mark. Because after the paper I felt horrible. My stomach was paining, my nervous were in a roller coaster and thought why did I not study on that or this.
On the other side, I scored good and NOW i am happy.
All pay off, I can manage work and studies at the same time! Is that not awesome?!
By the way, almost none thought they managed the exam, so far I know everyone has passed. Let see