We need color


I have said it before, When the winter is here and the darknes. it is more important than ever to have some colors on the clothes. For me it is really hard to use color when the sun is not up and everthing is grey. But, every now and than I remember myself, color, I must use more color. Today, was one of this days I remember myself to add a color ful top (yesterday I was totaly black).
This top or more right Kurta is from FebIndia, a short model. What I really like with the kurta is the golden detail. Simple, but nice and not a boring top either! So this top is my color of the day with a matching lip pen! 😀

Fall has arrived

I do not remember when it was the last time I saw the sun. I do not remember… When I need to think after when was the last time, indicate the sun has disapared once again. Most likely this fall is going to be just like last year fall, no sun at all. The trees are turning orange and yellow and red, beautiful colors but it is a question of time till the sun is up for only 4 hours or so.
Why am I in this country? We are living in darkness and clodness.


E-day today

Today after months of planing the society has finally kicked of E-day.
E-day is a fair in my home univerity with companies and unions with information.
I was a little disappointed due to less companies then earlier. However, I was pleased to meet some interesting companies.

Also,E-day gave goodiebags. The goodiebag had chips, bubblegum, notebook, magazine and some other things.

Welcome November!

WP_20141023_004So, October has passed by with super speed.
What did I do during this month?

  • Passed marketing,
  • Started to learn Arabic
  • Started with some extra hours at the internship.
  • Met some old friends.
  • Went to Diwali festival

What I have planed for November

  • Pass organization course
  • Learn more Arabic
  • Meet up some old friends
  • Learn Indian cooking
  • Work
  • Enjoy more

a walk next to Mälaren


Just 15 minutes with the metro and it is possible to take the walk next to the water for very long way to Stockholm city.


However, to walk next to the water and see the green trees in the summer. Are very refreshing. Nowadays, in the fall. The nature is beautiful, but the fall is depressing.
A reason to move away from Sweden.

Today, I have to visit my university to buy next course literature and attend a meeting.

IMG_6483 the chocolate is due to an amazing day and I deserve something sweet!

A very good weekend in the end. I can’t say I have had a calm weekend at all. Non of the days were without any plans or work.
Well today I had my first practical work with account at a company in the metall business. We went throw what and how do to the work on visma program. Hopefully there will be more work this Wednesday or Saturday. Well the upcoming Saturday is a red day in our calendar but that doesn’t stop me for working.
Thank you mr. With helping and teaching me more about account. Hoping to meet you soon and do more work.

today is a big day!

Call me crazy but I like it.
So, today is the first day with the Arabic class. There for my feelings are mixed, with excitement and scared. Who will be there? How is the prof? My feelings are the same as the first day in a new semester.
Responds I have got are why do you want to study Arabic? Do you need to study Arabic?
Well, it is always good to know languages. We are living in a more global world and a way to stand out in the crowed is to know language.
Also, for me, I felt German, Spanish or French are languages everyone have been studying. So, I want to stand out, try a hard language and just work hard so the sweat is dripping from my forehead. It is my turn to learn a language, my turn.  Best part is may be folkuniversitet does not have mark system, there for this sort of classes are betterfor me in language subjects.

Also, hopefully during the spring semester I can study an extra course beside my BBA and work. I have applied to different courses from political science, imaging and business. Let see what I can study, the results are out on 10th of December.

Welcome back I have missed you

Are the leafs not beautiful?
I have not expired fall for over a year. In India, I can not say they have fall, due to nothing is really changed only the temperature.
However, the trees are beautiful with the leafs, but with the darkness is not that fun. When I wake up it is dark outside, when I come back home, it is dark again.
Hopefully, we will get some snow.

At 8:30 am is the time for passport photo. Thank God I have woke up on time and had time to get ready!


How depressing is not the fall?
The weather is grey and rainy. The darkness is increasing more and more. Before the snow has arrive the weather is depress. The leafs are at least turning yellowish color before they fall to the grass.
Normally from the group rooms have a nice view over the landscape.

Time pass


Trying to put color on my life with the fall has arrived. The air has become come much colder and leafs are falling from the trees.
The leather cloves and hat are not in boxes anymore. During the day the weather is around 15 degree an in the evenings falls to 5-10.T

he nail polish is not my favorite but, it is okay color. At least it is not black just like all the fall clothes.