My sister is getting married

In January the weekend before I am arriving in India my sister is getting married. The worst part is I can not attened the wedding due to final exams.
My sister had send me pictures on her sarees, she is going to wear 4 difference sarees all with yellow due to somesort of traditional reasons. I have so much to learn from Indian culutre.
However, the photos on her sarees are beautiful. Indians sarees are extremly beautiful and indian women are beautiful therefore everything becomes duble beautiful. I am so happy for her she is going to be the most beautiful bride ever!

Is it possible for me to get a saree like that? I am in love with this sarees it is soo soo beautiful the pink/red and gold!
My culture is so dull, white dress for marrage. Colors are so much more fun.
What do you prefere color or white?

Momos or dumplings

K25 has become very hipt and popular place to go to for dinner. There are much more people having dinner and the nice level has always been high but nowadays it is almost too much.
However, my dad and I went to K25 last night to have dinner. We had dumplings or what I prefer to call them momos. The dumplings were duck, fish and beef I have no clue which one I prefered the most.

Tonight my friend is turning 23 and she is going to celebrate with a big party. Happy Birthday!

Home sick after 1,5 years

Kelwan 409Once again home sickness hit me more badly than ever. I have been standing in a crossroad.
After arriving 2011 my home sickness has hit me at least once a year. Either for semester or studies. The thing is in India I have my families and friends and on top of the culture.
Right now, I am stuck in a bad home sickness and feeling it is time to travel back and meet my families. There is a big BUT, college is over on January and hopefully I will be back home which mean I have to wait for 4 more month to meet them. May be Bollywood is not the greatest thing to see while being home sick…
I love you so much.

Sweets at my parents house

Everytime I am at my parents house they ahve some new sweets on the table. The sweets can be all sort, cookies, candies. On top of that, the sweets are not always things which we can get in Sweden. For example, this sweet from Shanghai was very wired, the taste was a bit of rice but at the same time not. THe texture was soft and sticky somehow. As you can hear that sort of sweet was not my cup of tea. However, I love, just love when they have chocolate from well known chocoalte countries hahaha.

Well, time to keep on study (listen on this book about government and law, good to know and that is it)


No I not only for the sweets…

Country side

This first time I saw indian country side… Some part from my first visit in India is still with me, most of my memories are feelings of joy. However, there were part of my visit which were major wake up calls, such as bing in the country side. In almost all the villages we passed by we could see the men under a tree or a roof and talk or lazy away an other day. To sit under a tree or a roof for the whole day, was something new for me. Everything during that year was new.

I wish I could travel back to India again to meet my friends and families. What I miss is the conection people have, the collective. That the family is a and o. While in Sweden we are very much into being indpended which is good. Everyone has to, at lest for a year stay alone to learn how to take care of yourself.

Time to say good bye

Today has been kind of good day, I have been studying a lot. But I thought I would ahve been done with more pages till now… But, what to do, I do not have any options than keep on studying.
But, yesterday my aunt from Canada invited ud over to have dinner today at my grandparents house. This is the last time we will meet till next time we meet, but next time is such a unsure time frame. In basic form, we do not know the next time.
So, later today I have go and say good bye, I really hate this part of a visit to say good bye…


Family from Canad is here

Yes it was more than a year ago since I met some of family from Canada, however, they are finally here and visitng us. So freaking awesome. I can not belive how fast the time passing by. But, it was great to meet them all after so long time. We had dinner at my grandparents house. I really hoping to meet them again and very soon.
Also, they had some great gifts from Canada. I will show the gifts later.

However, today is a horrible day to be outside, it has been non-stop rain. So, I wish I did not need to leave my flat, but sadly I have to.

Think to have a croissant with jam, or ham and some salad and a glass of milk. LOVE that idea.

Smoked meat

So, yesterday evening I visted my parents house. Not only for the really tasty dinner which my mom and made. No, a reason was becuase I got new pants, some help with the math and on top of that it is always nice too meet my parents. As always, the evening turn out to be a bit late.

But, the dinner with smoked reindeer meat and potato salad was amaizing. The meat, has no word to discribe how rich in flavours it had. As a student, I would never pay over 600 kr per KG for meat. No, no and no, it will never happen as long as I am a student.


On the beach


Swedish summer can be too wired, in a way which mean none can really know, has the summer arrived or not.
For example, we are in the end of July and still it does not feel like the summer heat has arrived or the sun. More or less, we have oly got rain, rain and more rain. However, the weather has did not stop us to have a short visit at the beach.
Even if we were on the beach, most of us did not take a swim in the water. The biggest reason was the temprature was only 13 degrees!!!
However, with a jacket and a blanked around made the beach a perfect place to take a nap. So, I took a nap on the beach. Perfect. Lovely.

Today, we are going to more families and visit. Short and intensive days in Malmö.

In Malmö

So, yesterday was not at all a fun day. The reason was, first of all, I needed to sleep on the sofa at my parents house and the sofa is shorter than me… I came home from work after 11 pm and needed to wake up at 5 am. So, I did not get any nice sleep as you can understand. At 6:30 we all sat in the car to drive to Malmö.
However, a day has passed and I have been studying on GMAT, while the rest are out and walking around in Malmö. I must say, Malmö has a charm. But, nothing to campare with Copenhagen.
Well, soon will my parents be back and may be I am joining them to a coomon friends party. Let see.
If not, I will be here and drink a lot of coffee and getting nuts over the math. Seriously, GMAT is horrible.