Diwali festival is booked

How can I miss the Diwali festival when I am in Sweden? May be it is more right to say, I can not miss the festival. It is the biggest festival in India and also for the Swedish- Indian society’s biggest fest, the fest is on 24th of October. I love the festival it is very nice to attened the celebration. During the festival there are a lot of preformance dance and music, good food, nice people on top of everything, it is okay to talk about India! fes

There is time time left to registrate for the festival celebration on Sweden-Indian website. Well, I can only say I love the festival in India and Sweden. I just love this colorful happy festival. I hope we will meet there.

Have a look on Swedish Indian societ website.

outdoor movie

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a outdoor movie. The movie was the last one during stockholm filmfestival. However, my friend and I gave up on the movie after 30 minutes. Due, to bad volume, and coldness. May be we were not prepared for the coldness but when it is almost impossible to hear the voices so it would not be fun to stay.
On the other side, I am not at all upset due to the movie, because after a long time we finaly met!

Guess what this is!


The dish is from Peru and non-veg. On the menu it was written typical street food. Well, the meat is grilled cow stomach with spicy marinate on top is the yellow sauce which I have no idea, because it was not spicy at all served with potatoes. The cow stomach had a interesting texture I must say. A bite of chewing and nothing special.
We said before, we need to try something wired which we have not tried before. The reason was, it is easy to get samosa, hot dogs, and other food which did not feel special. So, when we saw this dish we said okay, let us try this because when will we get the opportunity to order something like this again?

Happy Holi

Yesterday, I was in the hostel but we as many other had a fire.
They light the fire at 8 and they walked around it and I do not know what.
What I did was just to observe what they did. It was pretty interesting, and try to get an answer why Holi is celebrated and with fire.
Some of my friends did not have any answer why they Holi is celebrated, even if some of them from Punjab. what I understood was Holi is from Punjab and is not original celebrated in the south of India.
What I understood from my friends more or less, in simple explanation was demons tried to kill the son. The son pried to a god. female demon tired to kill the son in the fire and the female had a mantel cover around her, but the son god came and cover the son with the mantel and the demon died instead. Very simple explanation.


Then today is holi with all the colors. The girls here, started to play around with colors at 9-ish and it is not safe to leave the room if you do not want to get color on you. But they are suppose to celebrate holi in the basement, but they play everywhere in the hostel.
Many in second and third year are not going to play because of our exams (they start from tomorrow and keep on till end of March).
Also, I asked why they are celebrating holi with all the colors. My friend answered, it is to forget and forgive all the negative perception, thoughts you have towards other people, person. And start on a new page, enjoy.
More or less, what she said.

Happy Holi!

Diwali preparation

Diwali preparation

In some days India has the biggest festival. The celebration for the light and some religos reason (with all the gods Hinduism has it is just too hard to remember).
But however, many shops have started to hang up all sort of lamps to buy. Then during Diwali all houses has at least one lamp on 24 hours. preparation

Welcom home

Last night I arrived to my host family. Sad but true I slept most of the evening because last week with the exams was sleepless.
But when I arrived my host sister and abba (grandfather) were preparing to decorate the house. The reason was today host uncle´s new born child was coming home. So, the house needed to decorate with flowers, vacuoles needed to be washed.
Today the child came and we had the fest, four generation was there (not bad at all).  It was interesting to see, because in Sweden we do not have anything like this.
when the grand grand and grandmother welcomed the baby they suppose to put flower on the baby´s forehead.

one more festival

one more festival

So today is a festival, a 9 days festival before Diwali. This is how the lobby look like in college.
Some of my friends do not eat non-veg during this week.
My friend and I was wondering why they had decorated a stone. We were asking some student and none could answer. But the reason is they open the coconut on the stone and give it to the god. So, the stone has to be decorated as well.

Decoration, Ganpati

About this festival, I do not have so much to say. Beside Ganpati is everywhere on the street and in houses. We do have one Ganpati in our girls hostel.
I mostly wanted to show the decoration at one familys house. I loved, so well done. The two women next to Ganpati is his sister, how comes and visit Gandpati.