La fish for lunch


I was really surprise how the dish turn out. Simple dish, but no too bad. The main spice I used was something from Kirgizistan and was red. Anyway, I have no clue how the spice should have been used but now it is over and I have some portions left of the fish. What I really like with this dish is all the green vegatables.

Fish and tomatoes

Todays lunch was simple as always. If I should spend a lot of time on cooking, its only happning during the weekends and in the evenings. Never for lunch, even if I got a lot of time. No, for lunch the dish has to cook fast, and nothig else.
Fast and faster so I can still my hunger.
Therefore, today my lunch was made with salmon, onion, corn and tomatoes. Simple and easy. On top of that some spices such as chili. The worst part my spice collection is becoming thiner and I have to buy more spices in the local indian stores.

In the background is my window lamp with a shap of a pineapple!

Dinner at KG


I need some real food. I want to go out and eat a nice warm meal made by a chef and not me.
This was is from Klövsjö at KG. Hoefully they will ahve a lot of people during the ski season because the food is really good! Do not forget to call in advance to get a table and order what dish to eat.

So, good and I would say an art. I think it is time to eat some fish. May be I am going to amke fish curry or something like that.

A call

Out of no way I got a call yesterday from my family if I wanted to meet them up for dinner. They called me at the right time, becasue I was on the way to prepare dinner for me. So it ended up I needed to take a fast shower, change clothes, put on some make up in 5 minutes. I managed.
We went to Aubergine on Linnégatan. The food was very good and very popular place have dinner at.
My dish was fish and it was very bif portion, but good. So, if I can I would like to visit Aubergine once again.

Todays’ plan

We are going for fishing and trying our luck to get a fish. But, if I not too negative, my doubs are very high. Due to pass experiences with fishings with very low pay off with fishes.
However, fishing can be very nice and relaxing if the company is good and my company is with great people. After the fishing we are going to a resturant located at Glen. The resturant is own by sami.
Well, I can only say, this will be a good day!


Emma Grön

So on the way to the summer house we made a stop at Emma Grön. This place make amazing dishes with fresh vegetables and lovely decorations. The resturant is not big but has enough space for the customers. The chef is from Germany and make this food amazing.
The place is always clean and orginzed well.

Salmon with fresh new potatoes. WOW, I can not explain how good the food was. This make me wanna try to make salmon by myself one day. One day I have to try.

Dinner at home

Today has been all for studies.
After the college I visited my parents for dinner. The dinner, was with my parents. We spoke about spring and college.
The best thing, we had my favorite fish from the north. The fish was smoke and with salad, it can not be any better. IMG_7772

The fish is rainbow. Perfect

Salmon from Alberta

IMG_1987 - Copy

Well, when I visited my family in Canada we made a day trip to Banff. During the day we were in the hot spring. Beautiful view over the mountains, with a lot of trees and snow covered tops.
Of course after a day in the springs, the tummy get empty and new energy is needed.
Banff is a beautiful town. With many restaurants, so there is no problem to find a place to eat.
The restaurant we visited had Salmon from Alberta, if I remember it was also from Banff or near by place.
The dish was amazing, tasted like heaven! We all ordered the same dish and loved it allot.

Dinner for one again


I have no idea where the day has gone, but it is already 7:30 pm.
My plan for tonight is to write the Arabic letters and words to practice.

My dinner was made of smoke salmon, eggs, cottage cheese, olives, cucumbers and rice.

Tuna sandwich on the beach


The first days in Goa, we only wanted to eat sea food. So, my friend had sea food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The food tasted really good mostly probably because we sat outside on the beach. The sun on us, felt the wind and the sand. Most important I had my friends around me.
We had such a good time.
Tuna sandwich with finger fries could not taste any better then in Goa.