unpacking and want to sleep

Finally my bag is soon empty and all the gifts are lying on the floor. The things are lying in different piles for me, my parents, brother and grandparents. While the suitcase getting more empty, my computer are playing Kung fu panda.
I had totally forgot how good the movie is.

I want to go to bad, but right now the time is only 8 pm.

Welcome home to me


Last week at 9 – 10 pm I got this beauty from my brother.
In my case I have to less specie for all my books. The reason might be due to all my old literature from the first year in university is in my apartment and not in a box in the basement.
However, I think books are grate, I have always loved books. Even when I started to read and it took me 10 min to read a page I liked it. People have tried to introduce CD with books on and now e-books. But I prefer to read books especially when I read for fun. But, with literature for my education, and we have to read 300 pages in a day. I am very thankful of eBooks, time saving, and I have no time to waste my energy or time.
Now the shelf has some of my cooking, religion, philosophy books and my make up.
Soon this shelf is going to be full of books (happy me!)

Got a TV

Is it good or bad to get a TV? I do not know yet.
The thing is I have not got a digital box there for I can only watch TV-shows or movies from my computer.
Well, I am happy to be able to watch Big bang theory on Plex on the TV. Bigger screen!



The last days have been little busy or I have made myself busy with baking allot of pies,cookies and so on.
The reason is next Sunday I have invited my friends over for a open house sort of and going to serve homemade sweet things.
A pie I made was with blueberry and raspberry pie, sounds good na?
Hope my friends will enjoy.

Easy dinner

Easy dinner

Today was the first time to use my gas stove in my apartment. For a week I used micro and also in my house.
Today, was the big day, sure I did not do something special.
My dinner was made of falukorv (Very Swedish, carrot, chili corn crane mix and some herbs and broccoli.
Fast and yummy. Perfect for a person.

A book from 1911

A book from 1911

Some days ago when I visit my parents I found some old goodies in my bookshelf.
The book on the top is from 1911, which mean it must has been my great grandmother┬┤s cooking book and also over 100 years old! Not bad at all.
To the point, the cooking book has many recipes which I have never seen before. An other book is from 1930 and newer.

Not only the books are old, they have been in the family which create an extra feeling towards them. Now, my bookshelf is occupied of cooking books, older and newer, baking and Indian also Canadian recipes. I just love cooking books with many photos too!

Build by myself

Build by myself

I am so proved of myself.
The reason is I build my first “master piece”from IKEA all by myself. Yes alone, noytne was there to help me. You guys how know how IKEA things can be, maybe you can understand my happiness.
The reason I bought it, is because I have spaces to storage over 2 meters up and I am to short.
Also, this can be an extra chair when I have guests.

Beautiful something for my flat?

Beautiful something for my flat?

I have huge amount of photos from India.
Now that time has passed by and I have to start orgonizing my life here in Sweden.
Still I have the horrible calf from India, so I prefer to not start with the gym or heavy workout. First I have to get well.

Second is I have to unpack everything, I have maybe 6 boxes left to unpack. But I feel the end is near (not).
Also I have to hang up my paintings and make the flat more nice. So why flowers in water? Just like Sun n’ Sand hotel?

First night

Okay, now I have slept my first night in my own flat in Stockholm,
I have slept totally alone for the first time after very long time with a roommate. Do I miss to have roommate?
My answer is yes and no.
Yes, because it is nice to have someone to talk about how the day.
No, now I do not need to think about to not disturb anyone, I can do anything in my own apartment.

So, not only I need to unpack my suitcases from India, I have to unpack boxes with my things, from the shift. My suitcases from India are almost done, but the boxes are many left. But, my goal is to be done till next week.

Today, is a day with allot of traveling between my flat and the house.