Spring lovely spring

This weekend I have been busy with studies and work. The work has been calm and very few phone calls. Still, the work is a lot. I got the time to read my book I have only 20 pages left.
Today the sun is shiny and I am sitting inside to find the data and laundry. Hopefully I get the time to take a walk in the evening.
Spring is such a lovely season, I wish we had spring more often and skip the winter season. How will I survive next winter when it is dark, cold and no life?

Just like everyone else

So, we in Stockholm are waiting for the cherry trees to turn pink and not any cherry tree either. The trees we are waiting for are thus at Kungsträdgården. I do not really why, but that is how it is. When the trees have finally got the flowers, then the spring is on the way or is already here. It is so beautiful to be at Kungsträdgården during that time because the pod has water and the trees have the pinkish flowers.

Also, everyone stand under the trees to take photos on them self with the flowers or only on flowers. I took only on the flowers. Soooo beautiful, think to have a mini cherry tree at home!

A short trip can turn out to be a long


Well, a trip with a person liking to take photo can take as long as to take a walk with a 3 years old kid. We both like to stop up and look around, especially on beautiful, different things such as flowers, insects.
Well, I think I have figured out what I wish in birthday gift a lens and a Photoshop program. Because would it be nice to upload some what okay photos on the blog? I think so at least.
However, on the top photo you can see I tried to take some nice photo on the red flowers… Well, now when I am looking the photos, they are not that great. I have to practice. On the other side, I am very thankful the good nature rocky mounties have, because the nature lift up the photos just a pinch or so. The Rocky mounties and Himalaya are the places I have visited, and may be, just may be the places are a taste example of heaven.
IMG_2114Think of hiking in Rocky mounties for a week! That would be so cool. Really cool. But would it be safe due to the bears?

a special day

Today has been all about studies, exam soon and I have no knowledge at all.
There for at 7:40 am I was in college and study. A friend of mine came to college to and we both study and got lost. We did not know how to colcolate some of the questions, but tomorrow is a new day with more maths.
However, during our study timeI got a phone call from a flower delivery and told me he had flowers for me. But who would send flower to me on Valentine day? I had no clue, and I could not pack my books and travel home to read the card. There for, I was dying to read the card and see the flower. A white rose. pure and simple. I love the rose.
Thank you my lovely friend.

What to do

Well, today has not happened anything special, just been studying the day. My head is heavy after 200 pages of reading and still I got 200 more to complete.
There for, I can not say I am happy today. Today is a horrible day, I think it has been raining the whole day.
Also, I am still not well from the cold and all alone with my books. Happy day!

A good start

IMG_2088 - Copy

A very effective morning.
Visa application is done, now I have to visit the company to handle over my passport.
Send email to the wader about staying in the hostel. Also spoke to my family to arrange a driver from Mumbai to Pune. Study some Arabic alphabet. At the end I made some lunch boxes.
In some minutes I have to go to work and work a long shift.

Also, at the end two more months then India! FINALLY!

Good, just perfect


Jaha, great, just great!
My external hard drive does not work anymore. Instead of starting, it is making the sadness sound. Then my next question rise, what shall I do with all my photos from 2010 (my year in India). I external hard drive was my back up, not a cloud. I do not want to loose all my memories.

The photo is taken during the summer, at a summer house. I am pretty pleased. I love the pink color.

color your life


Well, right now I am kind of busy with my studies in marketing.
We have to study 700 pages for the exam. The reason is, we have a completion within the class. The best student win 250 £ to buy literature from Oxford university press and a certificate.
My aim to pass the exam, but not to win.

So, when I came home I found those lovely flowers on the kitchen table. What a nice gift!
Especially with a fall upcoming and treas are losing the leafs.

Wish me all the best with the preparation and the exam.

The early summer has arrived

The early summer has arrived

Well, the last couple of weeks have not been fun at all here in Sweden.
The weather has been could, rainy and just very very greyish. Nothing like the Indian summer… However, now I think the summer weather has come to stay and we will have an amazing summer here in Sweden.
To see the sun stay up for longer time and rise earlier make the whole body wanna dance of happiness. Also, to feel the smell of flowers and just feel now, now the summer has come!
However, I think this is the best season of the year, early summer! But also, the happiest time too!

Spring in Sweden

Spring in Sweden

Wow, could I have arrived in any better season then the spring?
I do not think so. For me the spring is the happiest season Sweden has.
The reason is: the night becomes shorter, the trees becomes green of leaf, the flowers and also it becomes warmer after a cold, dark winter.

However, right now the spring is very cold for me. The temprature is the same as a Pune´s winters, degrees between 7-18. Very cold. Still the spring in Sweden makes me happy and I enjoy it. I would say I am one of the people how is fully dress. When I am out I wear a sweater, jacket, west, thick scarf and gloves. Also, when the wind becomes little cold my hat is on my head.