A flower can make anyone happy

Now, it start to get hard to say good bye to India.
Seriously, it is hard to know my time in India is soon over. More right, there is only 2 weeks left.
2 weeks left and then back in Sweden.


One of my friends how I know since 2010, she gifted me a flower.
A simple flower, but the flower mean so much for me. I think the simpler a gift is, the more the gift can mean.
I got the flower just like that on the street. She asked me which flower do you like and I pointed out, she bought the flower.
True friendship.

Wow, for the food

Wow, for the food

Today, has been again a way too hot day.
As many other here in Pune are suffering of the heat and we start to get alive after 4/5 pm.

Some of my hostels friends took me to rajasthani restaurant in Phoenix mall. We had such a nice time. If I remember the name off the restaurant is Rajasthan 3rd floor next to the theater. A plate for 200 rupees and eat how much you can. The food is good, service is also good and the best part the food is not too spicy!
Happy students!



Oj, this is a very bad photo, taken by my web camera.
However, it is just some flowers and a way to stop relax the mind.
I feel like to sketch on every page in the notebook. Would that not be nice thing to do?
Just sketch what ever I feel, and see how something is coming up from some lines with the pen. Sometimes it turns out good other times a totally mess. But it is relaxing to sketch and keep the hands busy.

Decoration with flowers

Decoration with flowers

Today, my host sisters and brothers, but also me in a corner were making decorations with flowers.
With this flowers we have hang in the front door entrée but also the room with all the Gods. They have also got flowers to give to the Gods for tomorrows morning pooja.

A other temple at home


This is a other small temple which aba and adji have.
Every morning aba (grandfather) prays and change the flowers.
I do not know which all the Gods they have. but it is a small and nice temple.
After we made sweets adji gave/show the sweets to the Gods. I did not really understand why. But when we make some special sweets for a God we need to show/give the sweets to the God before we can eat them. So, if I made some Christmas sweets I would need to give/show the sweets to Jesus. That would be a little bit wired for me

Flower instead of my notes

Flower instead of my notes

Today have been a really lazy day. More or less I have only spent time in my room next to my desk with papers and notes. Tried to understand CB/CRM and now i am reading my mind-map of HRM. During my breaks I have watch two and half men (the old episodes are so funny).
That is one of the best things, almost everyone in the hostel has a external hard disk with movies. So, it is impassible to be bored in this hostel.

Flower after the rain


Upcoming external exams… It is a nightmare, for 10 days i going to have 6 exams. Really scary, this is way Indian education is famous to be hard, all because of the external exams.
No more gym, only study and maybe some dinner out. But, most of my time will be to my papers.
Hope for the best!