Back from holiday

Well, to leave home feels always good to get a break from the normal life and be able to enjoy something different. In my case, a holiday up in the north is not at all new, I have done that since I was a kid. However, it is not everyday I can be out in the forest and pick berries till I start dream about berries in the night.
However, yesterday was a typical summer day. That means, being out in the forest for the whole day, become too tired to think and dinner at home. After the dinner it was time to make jam till 1 am. I made blueberry jam on 4-5 kg blueberries and my parents made jam on our cloudberries. Moveover, at 5 am the alarm rang to wake us up for the bus to stockholm.
Now, I am back home and unpacking, feeling pleased with the passed week. But, it is always good to be back home, in my own flat.

blueberry forest


Is there any better place to be than in a forest and picking berries? May be being at a beach is almost as good as forest. However, this is what I love the most with Swedish summer, to be able to be out in the forest and pick berries or mushrooms. In that way, we are really lucky in Sweden. On the other side, Sweden is extremely unlucky to get good beach weather… More or less, we do not get enought heat in on the land and in the water.

However, blueberry forest are so beautiful with the openness and greenness. Not too bad in my opinion.

summer memories


During the summer was all about work, work and work. I had a great summer. Not only because of the work, but I was up in the north
and I love being out in the forest. To walk, and pick barriers and be free.
Free in the way, I can relax have nothing to think about, plan and no need of make up.
I hope the next summer will be as good as the last one or even better.