From Etienne de La Bo├ętie to Robert Nozick

Books about India is currently on the shelfs and instead the time is all about liberty and classical philosophes and texts. Some texts are well known from well know thinkers or fighters for the freedom of speech, property equal rights and so on. While some other text are written by famous people but the texts are less known.
So the books contain over 20 writers from 1500 to the end of 1900m there are a mixture of John Locke, David Hume, Ayn Rand and John Stuart Mill, Frierdrich Hayek and many, many more. The texts are about freedom but with a big mixture of the topics and the texts are from two pages and up 10-15 pages.
May be the best part is, the book is in Swedish especially with a topic of freedom, the book has to be in Swedish if I should understand better. Therefore, the time to read the book is limited because the surrounding area has to be with less noise. So, most likely this book has the time to finish, but so worth it.


Never give up

I am a person how need plans to enjoy my life. Plans for my future, which make me work for and just aim high.
Sometimes I have to change the plans, because of my situation changes, but still the aim is high and almost the same. Might say the plan A become a 2.0 update.

Some might say I am not free due to the plan,But I would say to live a life without plans is to live in jail. There is hard to focus and try to move a step vertical instead of horizontal. My plans is made by myself, I have chose my aims by myself, by my own freedom.

My freedom to great my aims. Some are for 1-2 years ahead some other are are for 5-10 years ahead.
May be there is the reason why I love India, My own life need to be organize and clear, while the society, people around me can be in a chaos. The mix of organize with chaos.

Most important almost everything is possible to aim. Sometimes we need to do 2.0 updates on our first plans. But do not get scared of the the long way before the aim is reached. Hard work pays off, and it feels amazing. Freedom!
The happiness and freedom I can feel in the photo. A jump in Rajasthan’s desert. My aim to study for a year abroad, and I came to India 2010 and 2013.

Now, I have to work hard to aim my new aims, but I will succeed!