Love from friends in India


I reqested some of my friends to send photos from India with the Diwali festival and all I can say is I miss this too much. I really miss being in India with my families. This festival is the best festival in India. With the fireworks, pooja, food and families and friends.


I have no words beside, I wish to be there and get afried of all the fireworks and wondring if India is in war or not. IMG-20151111-WA0004

over and out

I wish you all a lovely Saturday night. Most likely my evening will be amazing fun with great people. If I could I would have upload a photo with my makeup because it is so extrem that I can’t look in people eyes… Or at least the make up is extrem for me… _MG_9190

When did we grow up?

I have relized in the last month the weeding invitation has come after each other. What happen? Have we reach the age of getting married? May be the funniest part non of the weddings are in Sweden. For a year or so, I was happy to get a borthday invitation becasue many of my friends do not even celebrate the birthday and now I am reziving wedding invitation!
Anyway, the weedings are taking place in India of course, but one is Kuwait! Can you beleive it? Kuwait! It feels like it is once in life time also the girl who is getting married is a very good friend of mine. I should have a look on the tickets because how can I miss her wedding?
In the end, I am guessing from now the wedding invitations are something I have to get use to.


Stupid sign in SGS mall


I remember this time very well. My friends and I went to Camp to spend some time in SGS mall. What do we meet when we step in side the mall? yes, this big bander “girls love six packs”. You can understand what a big surprise and shock we got. In india where it is impossible to speak about it, movie are being censure. And just infront of us is this all about the big sensative topic with a bad joke. Anyway, as a tourist we took our cameras because when will we see a sign like this again?

I can say like this, I have never seen a sign for durex in India every since our vist at SGS mall. The sign must have happen by mistake, or bad bit anything. But this was not a normal sign in India or any other country.

House warming

My friend is having a house warming party tonight and of course I am going. As always the major problem is; what to wear. Of course I will ahve jeans, but the top is as always the biggest challange. It is so hard to decide which top… Well, I am guessing it is soon time for jump in the shower and than decide the top. Most likely I am going to run around my apartment and seraching for the right top. The meaning is; I am going to try around 10 tops and greating a mess in my head about the top also facing the biggest lie too, I do not have anything to wear…  Well, hopefully I am not the only one with this sort of problems.
I wish you all a happy Saturday evening!


Photo from Berlin, 2012, during the christmas break.

Chicken and dinner

For some days ago I had Taiwanese dinner at my friends’ home. The funniest thing to have dinner with my friend is while had plat and the other had bowl of rice. Also, the other funny thing is, I used fork and the other used sticks.
But, in the end we all ate at the same speed and spoke.

The dinner was with white asparagus , chicken and green boiled salad. The dinner was amazing. After dinner, we had soup, to fill up the stomach.


Fresh Spring rolls

Yesterday, was a nice and calm evening with a friend.
During the day was a long and horrible day, the whole day was delecated to our research paper. We got even bigger work to do. Our plans now is to compare oil price with oil company stocks, car brands stocks and also airplanes brand stocks. So you understand now, we have to diced which brands shall we include and not.
However, the evening was nice. We did plan to watch a movie, but we visit some theater but found the theaters did not show any good movies. So after the dinner it ended up we had a coffee.
We went to K25, and ordered fresh spring rolls and some dumplings. I have not tried fresh spring rolls before. With the souse the spring rolls were good and tasted a bit much coriander. For sure I will order fresh spring rolls again. Also, it was not to heavy food.

How hard can it be?

I do not know. Somethings feel much harder then other.
The easier opportunities are my studies in Sweden. I can keep on study without any problems, take a master within 3 years.

However, the harder is questions are where will this end, what do I want to do after my studies. Will my work career be in an existing company or try to start something new, something which is just mine?
There is much more in the world, but may be a life in Sweden is just perfect as a life in India or Canada.
Do I want to travel around the world or would I be happy to live in the country side? Two complete different life, and I do not know what is right for me. The thing is I do not need to know my answer now, I have to finish iwht my BBA then start to plan more. Or may be I should know my more in the summer of 2015.

In the end what I know for now is, in the future I do not want to work 24/7 and never have time to meet friends and family. The people around me is one of the keys of happiness. To have company over a meal is lovely. To share a meal with family or friend at home or out and also on skype. To be able to talk about the day and upcoming tomorrow. That is a perfect end of a day. IMG_6215

The photo is from Goa, the last dinner with king size prawns from the tandoori with my friends. That is a reason for almost everything, to be able to travel to meet the best friends in the world, over plate of tandoori. To be able to talk about everything and also about nothing. Also, to feel the time has not change us and we are still the sisters we were in 2010. We are meeting again within 3 weeks.

A month left

Yes, today is the 23th of November which mean a month is left.
The time has moved on too fast. Somehow I feel we are still in September. Where did October go and also November?
However, there is a month left and in two weeks I have to start packing, fixing the gifts to my families and friends. Organizing where to stay and do during my limited 2 weeks in India.
A month left then holiday! Keep on studying and do not lose the the track.

Well, I am a foodie.
Might say I love to cooking, baking and eating. On the other hand, I do not like standing in the kitchen and making food for me only. That might be the worst thing I know.
In that sort of situations, I opening the refrigerator and looking inside. If there is some left overs. My soul becomes the happiest one at the moment. But, if there is no food. I am facing a huge problem. My food becomes something boring and not that great tasting, but fast preparation time. For example, some vegetables, eggs and a slice of bread.
To eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner alone for a day might be okay, but for more then a day. In the end THAT is killing me. There for, I am love having company over a meal. I need company.

My body is still use having all the meals in the mess. What I think is India has changed me in many ways, for example, I have realized how much I love company and people around me.
But, the problem or feelings I am having is not unique, instead I think it is a common feeling for people to feel. We need companies, simple.