tea and tea


Many of the tea sorts have I not tried. There for I am excited to try the new and old sorts. For example Wagh Bakri and Mesna jasmine tea are old favorites. While Organic India Tulsi green tea has good grates from the food magazine.
Also, I bought more tea but they are gifts to my family.

Useful gifts

So, for more then a month I have been without a water bottle. There for when I got a water bottle for free, I can express FINALLY, a useful thing.
Also, some other useful gifts for my studies are a notebook but also the small colorful posted notes.
All the the three gifts are very useful for me. Never wrong to get an other notebook, due to all the writing in college. Also, the posted notes are in plastic there for they won´t break that easily.
Perfect, perfect and perfect.
Yes, the water bottle has a company´s name printed on, but who cares? As long the bottle are useful.