No Words when the hit does not leave


I like this photo from 2011 from Goa to the beach house. Travling in Indian trains are not like Swedish trains at all. Specially when the Indians train have no AC.. The only wind is from the window and the air is too hot to feel pleasent. The temprature outdoor and in the train is the same, the dust from the air hits the face and all you want to do is to get out and wash the face and body and the clothes really good for the sweat and dust.
I should not even mention the bathrooms on the train… Go and have a look and you realized the Swedis trains bathrroms are not that bad (hahah).

Even if you can not I am going

So, in November, I am going to plan my trip in India. I know there will be three stops. The stops are Mumbai most likely stay at a friends place in Bandra. There is a place I wish to go to and it is of course Cafe leopold. I have to no questions alone or with friends. Only becasue of the books I read, too famous place to skip.

Than in Pune, I am going to stay at my friends and families houses. I do not have any pecial wishes beside I wish to have chaat and spend times with them. Also, I want to go out to kue bar and oakwood. So, dresses and high hees are going in the bag.

The best part with this trip is I am going to Goa. I need the sun, and the heat. There are no questions about that. But, I would not dear to travel alone to Goa, I can fly alone in India, but not travel alone in Bus or train. That is too risky in my eyes. I know some girls have done backpacking alone in India, but I do not want to take any risks.
However, hopefully my dear friend is free so we can travel to Goa, and be on the beach, eat good and enjoy the time in Goa without drugs. I am sure it is possible to enjoy Goa without harming the body.

I have skipped all sort of harmfull things in Goa and had a great time, the only thing you need in the end is good company. A and O is the company everything.

Kelwan 419

Goa, are you ready?

This is what I wish for

Next year I will there again. I have to be there soon. I want to swim in the water, eat and sunbath. To be able to forget the time and eat whenever I feel hungry also sleep when my eyes are too tired to keep them up. Be able to eat fresh, super fresh fruits and just have the time of my life. To be on a 2-wheeler and feel the wind in my hair. This time I want to drive the 2-wheeler, and not only sit behind. How hard can it be? Goa must be easier to drive in then Pune. That is freedom in my eyes and that is one of many of my dreams. That is freedom and then it is time to start to study and work hard to manage 2 years in India. I want to be there.
Are there other people who understand what I am talking about?

Tuna sandwich on the beach


The first days in Goa, we only wanted to eat sea food. So, my friend had sea food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The food tasted really good mostly probably because we sat outside on the beach. The sun on us, felt the wind and the sand. Most important I had my friends around me.
We had such a good time.
Tuna sandwich with finger fries could not taste any better then in Goa.

More of tandoori


In the same restaurant as we had tandoori king size price, we also ordered real fish too.
What I mean with real fish, a whole fish.
I do not remember the names on the fishes, kingfish (i think is one of the fishes) red something was the other fish name. Both of the fishes were very tasty and good. If I could taste any different? Not really, but the red something fish taste better in many dishes.
The resturant made tomato flowers and inside the flowers they had light candles.

My friend and I ordered one fish for us to share and a naan bread. We finished our fish without any problems.
What is not a good thing to talk about over dinner is how tasty lamb head, eyes and so on… Not even how good fish eyes are… For me it sounds too vulgar.

tandoori king size prawns

tandoori king size prawns

One dinner in Goa we ordered food like it was our last night (which it was not). One of the dishes was tandoori king size prawns.
Also, we ordered other dishes too, but the restaurants in Goa had only tandoori in the evenings. I wounder why.

Well the king size prawns tasted really good. I think I could have finish 2 plates all by myself, without any problems. But, no I we all four ordered one plate as a appetizer.
I miss the sea food and the Goa trip already…

A Goa banana

When we were in Goa, a friend of mine said we should try a goa banana, because they are different from the rest.
So, we all decied to try this special Goa banana.
First of the Goa banana we bought was wrong type. They were maybe 10 cm long (max) and did not taste any special.
However, when the friend found the special Goa banana and we tried it. The banana did not taste good at all. The reason is, the banana was still raw. No black spots on the yellow skin, the banana has to be brownish to taste good. Rememebers of cooking banana…


After some days waiting till the skin turns brown. I finally tried a good Goa banana.
Inside the banana it has more orange color and also the taste is little different, but I do not know in what way…