Second show, second time


For some days ago we did the second show at Sharaton hotel. There was again a lot of people in the room therefore it was a bit tuff to walk around in side with this lovely dresses, but somehow we made it. Somehow I do not know how.
Well, we worn the same dresses which mean we were more comfortable.

But, there was a problem, and it was the stairs up to the stage, or at least for me. With the dress and heels on top of that the high stairs. Well, I mange it. Thank god.
Also, it was really fun to wear all the beautiful clothing. Pure art which all the three designers have made.


Lam and rice at Sharaton


lam with less gravy and saffron rice. The dish was great. perfect amount of masla, which helped the lams’ flavor to improve. However, on my right said my new friend from India said this has too little gravy while I thought it was enough (all most no gravy at all). The lam was soft and neasy to remove from the bone and juicy. Perfect taste.
The rice, wow, with saffron. I can not express the taste of the rice.
Well. The food by Chef Anurudh Khanna was amazing. You should visit 260 while he is here.

The shows

Great event, so much people I have not seen for a time. But of course yesterday with the great weather people came to kungsträdgården. Also, of course we got stuck in traffic jam. instead of 5 minutes journey, the journey took us 45 minutes. That did not feel good at all.
But, at Kungsträdgården we wanted the crowded to be there and enjoy all the performances. There were dance, song and much more to watch. So, may be it was not so wired people were in the city. Also, at that day an other event was happening, the colure run.


First show is over

I am loving this time with my new friends from India. Even if my sleep is getting spoiled and the time to o household works don’t exist. Every single minutes are great. The only thing is I wish I could spend more time with them. The designers’ and ma’am are awesome people. Also, the show went great. During the show the time was limited but we manage to change the dresses and walk in wired shoes, so on top of that having a great time.
On Monday we have to everything again at the Gala dinner.

Preparation at the hotel, ironing every top, skirt, dress you name it. While occupying the corridor and listing to Hindi songs. So much work.

Great evening

So, today was a really busy day. College from 8 to 6. Then home, drop my computer at home. Went to meet the first designer and spend the evening with her and one who is helping with organizing the upcoming event. Well, the evening passed by so fast and from no were the time was 9 and then 11:20 pm. We ate Tapas next to Drottninggatan. The designer showed a photo with her clothes and I can say this INCREDIBLE. Just like art!

Then, after our first meeting. It was time to run at the gym. Also, I have always wanted to see who is at the gym at 00. So, it was just to go there and work out for 30 min. We were very few people at the gym, most of the were guys, maybe 5 people. Peaceful at least.
Now the time is 2 am and I have to wake up at 6:ish….. This week won’t provide a lot of sleep.

The photo is from Pune, December 2014.


The weekends plan are fixed

Wow, I can not believe it. The information I got is too good to be true. Just too good.
First of all, I got the highest mark in Financial strategies. I got V, which removed a stone from my stomach. So, one more exam result is remaining.
However, may be the very best part is about the upcoming event in Kungsträdgården at 23th of May. The event starts at 9 am with Yoga and during the day with a lot of different events. In the evening there will be 3 fashion shows with Indian designers. Guess who will participate in the fashion show? Me. I will be there in shows! I can not really understand it.
Also, on top of that, I am going to meet the first designer tomorrow evening.
I hope you can come and see all the activities.

CC Ulf Bodin Flickr

Photo is from indiaunlimited

Swedish Indian chaat


For the starters was a plate with a mixture of Indian flavor with a Swedish touch. On the plat were shrimps, fried capsicum, pomegranate and of course the very Indian banana chip. The pinkish color mixture reminded me of skagenröra (I have no idea what it is in English). Also, I really love how the pomegranate can add some color, I have never thought about it before.
So, did the Indian Chef make a good plate? Yes, but, a lot of deep fried food. Too much deep fried food, which the Indians love.

The green coriander/mint I do not know what it is beside it tasted amazing. Felt like I was eating chaat. If I was done with my education I would have travel to India right now.