Busy ,busy and busy

What have happened?
I have shift out from the hostel, I am staying in the Sun n’ Sand hotel. A tourist hotel.
What we have done is walking around in the old part of Pune, in Tusibag.
Tusibag, is more of real Pune for me then Viman Nagar and Phoenix mall.
I wish you all having a good time.

Rio 2

Yesterday, was a day I wish would not happen. The reason is, all my friends from 3rd year left the hostel. From yesterday the hostel has been so empty. We are very few girls left from BBA.
Yesterday was not a fun day… As you might understand.


There for, my friend and I went for a movie in Phoenix mall. Rio 2, a very colorful and allot of songs. How I would explain the movie, it is a perfect kids movie, happy movie, to make you in happy mood.
The movie make you laugh. I would say the movie is good one if you like kids movie.
Something I really like is the songs.

The first movie, Rio from 2010 or 2011, I went for that movie too, but can only remember i thought it was a good one.

Summer heat and Noah

Seriously my roommate and I are suffering very much of the heat. Our room is facing the morning sun and we do not know what to do about the heat in our room or outside.
Our windows are wide open, curtains for the window, fan on highest speed and the door to the corridor is wide open. Also the door to the bathroom is open. Just to create some sort of wind. But do you think it helps? No, not at all.
Yesterday, during the day I slept on my yoga carpet directly under the fan and it felt good, I could acutely feel the wind from the fan. So maybe we will move our beds from the wall to middle of the room…
I wish we had AC in the room…

However, why I wrote Noah, is because I can not stand of the heat and thought the movie theaters have AC and comfortable seats. So, why not go for a long movie during the day? What I have heard Noah should be a good movie, and over 2 hours long!
So if I go during the day, I will get AC, escape the heat, watch a good movie, be away from the hostel, a 3D movie. The price is 300 rupees. For me that sounds like heaven!

I wish to have 25 degree warm

I wish to have 25 degree warm

I do not know what to say.
Well, there is almost no girls left in the hostel from second year.
So, what to do during the days when it is the warmest time. I am in the room with the fan on the highest speed and the door is open.
Right now I am reading a too big book, with some what harder English words. So its going to take allot of my time.
What I wish to have right now is 25 degree warm with colder wind. That would make a perfect summer weather!

Time pass and I want to do a…

Time pass and I want to do a...

Well, well, the whole day goes by before I leave the hostel normally. The reason is, I can not stand the heat.
From 11- 4 it is too hot outside.

So what do I do then? I watch movies, do allot of research on internet. Time pass, studies in early morning from 6-11.
I have found this amazing picture and I will try to make something like this in Sweden. Probably for my 22th birthday… Let see. Because how awesome would it not be to have allot of chocolate inside a cake?

The pic is from: http://asubtlerevelry.com/a-pinata-cake.

Happy Holi

Yesterday, I was in the hostel but we as many other had a fire.
They light the fire at 8 and they walked around it and I do not know what.
What I did was just to observe what they did. It was pretty interesting, and try to get an answer why Holi is celebrated and with fire.
Some of my friends did not have any answer why they Holi is celebrated, even if some of them from Punjab. what I understood was Holi is from Punjab and is not original celebrated in the south of India.
What I understood from my friends more or less, in simple explanation was demons tried to kill the son. The son pried to a god. female demon tired to kill the son in the fire and the female had a mantel cover around her, but the son god came and cover the son with the mantel and the demon died instead. Very simple explanation.


Then today is holi with all the colors. The girls here, started to play around with colors at 9-ish and it is not safe to leave the room if you do not want to get color on you. But they are suppose to celebrate holi in the basement, but they play everywhere in the hostel.
Many in second and third year are not going to play because of our exams (they start from tomorrow and keep on till end of March).
Also, I asked why they are celebrating holi with all the colors. My friend answered, it is to forget and forgive all the negative perception, thoughts you have towards other people, person. And start on a new page, enjoy.
More or less, what she said.

Happy Holi!

till a limited

My limited of being sick has passed, I can not stay in bed anymore. I have to start preparing for my exams. Right now I am studying brand management about brand tracking. Brand tracking is little tricky for me, brand line, product line, brand portfolio and so on… which we have to understand and know.

Still I am not 100 % recover, but what to do, I have to do other things then be in bed and watch movies and sleep.
Today’s plan is studying, eat (I finally got back my appetite) go to the gym and work out little bit, on the cardio machine.

A friend of mine has invited to celebrate Holi in the evening at her place. They will have fire, pooja and also dinner. Hopefully I will have energy to go to her place.

Yummy chocolate

May be this is the best part with being sick is all the chocolate I can eat.
Also a good part is all the chocolates are Swedish, my parents gave them to me. Good to have chocolate at home when the days are low.
Now, when I am sick and in India. Whooopoo I can eat chocolate till I get sick of chocolate too (haha).

No matter how I feel tomorrow, I have to go to the gym and do some cardio. Right now I am missing the gym.

No internet

For some days my phone had no internet pack. Instead I have been using hostel internet. The reason I have not got a new internet pack because my plan to stay in focus and study. Well, the last days have not been very effective study days.
Instead I have been sleeping, watch movies and studying little.
Saw Inception, slept during half of the movie and knocked up is a easy movie good for time pass.

Rest and rest

Rest and rest

It is extremely hot today. Just the 5 minutes walk to the mess was a nightmare. Still this is just the begging of Indian summer…
How will I survive in April? For sure the fan most be on 24/7 and on highest speed.

So, today has been a sick day… what I have done is slept for hours, watch a movie and just resting.
Probably, I will not go to the gym tomorrow and exercise lower body. because my body is still weak and shaking. However, I will probably take a walk later today, when it is less hot.