Yummy chocolate

May be this is the best part with being sick is all the chocolate I can eat.
Also a good part is all the chocolates are Swedish, my parents gave them to me. Good to have chocolate at home when the days are low.
Now, when I am sick and in India. Whooopoo I can eat chocolate till I get sick of chocolate too (haha).

No matter how I feel tomorrow, I have to go to the gym and do some cardio. Right now I am missing the gym.

No internet

For some days my phone had no internet pack. Instead I have been using hostel internet. The reason I have not got a new internet pack because my plan to stay in focus and study. Well, the last days have not been very effective study days.
Instead I have been sleeping, watch movies and studying little.
Saw Inception, slept during half of the movie and knocked up is a easy movie good for time pass.

Rest and rest

Rest and rest

It is extremely hot today. Just the 5 minutes walk to the mess was a nightmare. Still this is just the begging of Indian summer…
How will I survive in April? For sure the fan most be on 24/7 and on highest speed.

So, today has been a sick day… what I have done is slept for hours, watch a movie and just resting.
Probably, I will not go to the gym tomorrow and exercise lower body. because my body is still weak and shaking. However, I will probably take a walk later today, when it is less hot.

Rain again

Rain again

The whole day has been extremely hot and when I was walking to the gym it did not rain. But when I reach the gym it started to rain.
After a long time I had body check up, but finally I had it. 4 hour without food and the the printer did not work.

Then when I came back to the hostel, it started to rain badly with lighting. At least I did not need to be in the rain.

Studying time

Studying time

I have start to study for my last exams, the exams starts next week.
My first subject is emotional intelligence and leaderships, team building. For me Emotional intelligence is easier to learn then Environment risk management. I do not really know why.

My procedure to study is a long, but is working pretty good.
First I high light all the important in the texts. After that, I write all important notes on my computer.
To get a good overview on the subject with only the most important words, I make mind-maps on every subject. The mind-maps are on my drawing paper,A3, the reason is A4 are too small.
It is finally from the mind-map I start to really study. Every headline I go throw by writing again and verbal. Just go throw everything again and again. Take out the the main words, because in the exams it is easy to write when I remember the specific words for the questions topic.
The process is long, but it is working for me pretty good so far.

Which me all the best for my very last exams in India!

Do you have the “problem”?

During breakfast some of my friends and I were talking about the “problem”. The problem is something I will never understand.How thisculture can make a natural thing to something unclean and as a “problem”. May be they had this sort of reasons before, earlier in time. But why to follow the this sort of tradition and make it to such a big deal?
The “problem” is not a problem, and not unclean. If the truth is, how many religious people think God created us, then why would God make women unclean every month? Also, if we are a copy of God, how can women be unclean?
This is not what we were talking about. My friends told me about other things, which is way out of my understanding.

For example, when the women has that time of the month, she is not allowed to be in the kitchen. She is not allowed to touch anyone, because if she touch someone and that person is going to the temple. That person will not be clean.
The women is not allowed to touch any clothes, because the clothes will be unclean too. Also, she is not allowed to sleep in the bed, instead she should sleep on a madras on the floor (in more traditional families).
Of course the women can not go to a temple, out of question.
In the end, the whole family will get to know if the women has the period. Still I do not understand the reason for all this rules. Can anyone explain?
I have met women how does not go to the temple, opposite I have also met women which goes to the temples but does not prey.

In the end, this is pure knew things for me. It is very interesting to hear and I do try to understand, but sometimes it is not easy.

Some things are just to die for

Some things are just to die for

When the time is running to the end, the brain has already taken holiday.
After my exams my brain will be half gone to Sweden. It happens to everyone, for example a week before summer holiday, everyone students and profs. have already taken holiday, it is harder to study and stay in focus. The reason is we know it is soon holiday.

For me, nowadays is studies in the morning till lunch time, with breaks to watch TV-shows and at 3-6-ish is gym time. That is my days… After the gym, I am gone, dead till the time I have my eggs and bread.

Right now, is break time for me, and I am looking on winter photos from Sweden.
To ski, feel the wind bit the cheeks and to have some butterflies in the stomach and feel free in the down-hill, because it is only the down-hill and me.
After some hours, the toes are gone and start to pain, so the only thing to do is to go to the cafe and drink hot chocolate with whip cream with family/friends and talk about which down-hill is good and relax. When the energy is back and the toes are warm again it is time to put on the skis and start to ski again. It can be the double black to the green down hill, in the end the important point is to enjoy and know how lucky I am.
We leave the ski center when our legs are gone, it might be 1 or 3. The time is not important, the important is to be happy and feel I have done what I wanted today. Because there is a day after and we will be in the ski center again to ski.