Pure and Simple, is what I like

I am this big sucker for cooking books. My bookshelf contain most of textbooks from 3 years of business studies and than with all the cooking and baking books.


The bookshelf has too many books, but I love them all. Some of my cooking books are from Sweden other are from India and Canada, also Germany. The biggest must for my cooking books are they have to have photos on almost all the reciepes. So, there are photos to compare the dish from the book with my dish. Major reason is to get inspiration from the book and to get the feeling I want to try to do this dish. However, normally I do not have all the ingredients so it always ends up with I skip this ingredient and use this one instead. Most of the time the dish turn out good.


What I have faced with Indian cooking books, they requring a lot of ingredients and not in big quantityeither, all the spices for ecample, 1/2 teaspoon, or 1 teaspoon of this and that. So when I got this book Pure and simple, my joy was was extrem. The recipes are simple, does not ask for 10-15 different ingredients and in the back of the book shows step by step how to make Paneer, gravy and much more. A very good book for a pure beginner. The only thing I have to comment is the book has only veg recipes, if it good or bad. I do not know, but most of the dishes are veg.


Swedish style of Dosa

At the cooking class we made some dosa. It tasted pretty good, little different from the normal dosa, or Indian dosa.
The Swedish-Indian dosa has semolina, flour, yoghurt and many other ingredients. Also, cooking time is may be 45 minutes. Swedish-Indian dosa and normal dosa has to be eaten directly, because the dosa taste best when it is fresh.

Dosa was one of my favorite dish from Indian kitchen. Also, my question is why can not Indian restaurants have Dosa on the menus?

Lovely evening with lovely people and awesome food

I have just arrived from the South Indian cooking class.We were 11 people in three groups and made different dishes, in the end the dishes were put together on a table. There for we could try every single dishes.
Did I like the class? Yes, we were at International chef school in Stockholm. The kitchen was fresh and good working area too. The people were nice and we helped each other.
How was the food? Lovely, all the dishes tasted good. Some had a more taste of Indian, while other needed to adopt to the Swedish equipments. As a example, we could not make a proper dosa, due to the time and equipment therefor we made with different ingredient. In the class the reprises were for starter, main courses and dessert. Everything in one evening.
Also, the host of the class had a presentation about the food history and spices in India. Which waked up intrest inside of me to read about Indian food hisotry. How cool is that? History is interesting and fun, cooking is a peace of heaven and put those 2 together. Are there any other better subjects?

What my team made was; cold avocado soup sort of (the greenish color drink in the front of the photo), lamb biriyani (in the background with some orange on the top) and tomato chutney also something with chickpeas (the other two dishes are impossible to see)
Now, I am not at all tired due to the food… I do not know what to, because I have an early day tomorrow.

The hosts’ name is Sanjoo and has a website with information of activities and so on. For example, a trip to india to experince south Indian food. Just a food journey for food lovers!

Good Night

Time to go for cooking-looking

Time to attend the cooking class. Hopefully, all the typical sense with coriander, garam masla and so on. Let see how this cooking class turn out because I would love to be even better on Indian cooking. Due to food is amazing and much more interesting then Swedish food.
The class might not be in the best time, but also it is important to take breaks.
Also, I am promising to carry my camera with me.
This is food which my host mother made in India. I do not really remember all the dishes. But the small yellow thing is not my favorite.
Have a great evening, in my case I am going to cook for around 3-4 h!